Denver, CO-area Barns

It looks like we have decided to give up our nomadic lifestyle and call Colorado home. We’re in the market to buy a house in Boulder, CO.

Does anyone have recommendations for a H/J trainer who is good with beginners (i.e., I can see the interest forming in my daughter) and/or amateurs? I recognize that there isn’t the glut of barns that I grew up with in New Jersey… I have poked around some old threads as well as CHJA already, too.

Former NJ person here… I ride out in the Parker area, but left my green horse in FL after winter circuit.

So if you’re buying in Boulder, then you need to look for barns closer to Boulder/Longmount/Lyons/Louisville areas, or resign yourself to driving about an hour (sometimes longer in traffic) out to Littleton or Parker, since most of the “Denver” barns are really south of Denver and closer to Parker/Elizabeth/Franktown/Littleton areas.

I will warn you that life is ALOT different out here if you’re used to showing and having that general horse show vibe from the east coast. The horse show season out here tends to be about 2 spring A Shows, about 5-7 weeks over the summer, and 2 weeks in the fall. The majority of shows take place at Colorado Horse Park, with about 2 weeks up in Estes Park as an alternative. There’s also a 2-day show at Denver Polo Club around early fall, but not clear if that’s an A show or not?
While NJ had its fair share of indoor shows during winter, out here, most are going to California and a handful go to FL.
If your daughter is school-aged, IEA is a big thing out here and a great way to get her involved. Some great trainers in the Boulder area… my suggestion is to check out multiple barns and take a few lessons at a few barns before making a final decision.
I moved out here 4 years ago, so feel free to PM me for some other suggestions and if you can share more about what you’re looking for and where you’ve been riding out east, I’ll try to help.

If a 35 minute drive works for you, check out White Harvest Farms in Brighton. It’s not for everyone (a little eclectic TBH), but you couldn’t ask for a better place to start your kid. There are also a fair number of ammies. They have everything from grand prix jumpers to goat ropers (hence the use of the word “eclectic”). The owner is a dear, honest, knowledgeable, highly skilled woman.

Cloudview Stables is in Broomfield - there’s a H/J and dressage trainer, but there’s a smattering of other folks out there as well. They teach beginners, and are pretty amateur friendly. There’s also a gaggle of middle-school aged girls who ride out there as well. They’ve got some very nice school horses and the BO (H/J trainer) lives on the property and will be out in the barn at 3am in the middle of a snow storm checking on all the horses and swapping blankets as necessary.

Front Range Show Stables is in Erie - I never rode there as I didn’t have my own horse and a lease+lessons was too far outside my price range, but it looks like a lovely facility.

I think there are some other barns along Diagonal Hwy between Boulder and Longmont, but I don’t know anyone who rides at any of them.

This is all super useful, thanks! I wanted to hear from real people about the barns I’ve located via Google thus far. :rofl: And definitely not opposed to something a bit unconventional, or even maybe a shift to something like AQHA given the marked difference in the number of options here vs. on the East Coast.

Good for you being open minded! Karen (White Harvest Farms) also does a little AQHA and a lot of APHA. She is, in fact, a judge for those breed shows.