Designing an Equestrian Center/ Cross Country Course...

So no, I don’t know anything about eventing nor do I have the money to actually build a facility, but maybe someday…

So, just wondering, what do you need to have to host a three-day-event? And as for building a cross country course… generally, how long does it need to be? How many jumps? How high?

Yes I know I’m nowhere near knowledgable enough to design my own course now. But that’s what I’m askig. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also favorite jumps/ course elements/ features from your past competition venues (with pictures if you want to make my night…) would be appreciated! :3

Go look through The Rule Book. Many of your questions can be answered there (one of the appendixes has number of jumps, etc on XC)

Start with access for trucks and trailers with ample parking then go from there. Tehe best facility in the world doesn’t matter if you can’t get in or out.