Desparately Seeking Fence Repair : } NEVERMIND 😮

The Power of COTH?
Before posting I had left VM for 2 localish companies.
1 called back to say they couldn’t do the work.
Then, the 2nd called & they’ll be out next Thursday to estimate :clap::grin:
I described in detail what I needed, so I expect, if the price is good, to be refenced.

After 18yrs of problem-free operation, my coated tensile wire has a line that needs splicing.
A friend - lives an hour from me - repaired a similar break & showed me how to retension using a crescent wrench.
Then a 2nd line broke :tired_face:
Nothing is in emergency need of repair. The line is the 1st under a Centaur-clone top rail, there are 2 more below it & none of the horses are attempting to leave.
They know where the Treats live :smirk:
There’s also 1 post that needs replacing (in an area that’s also “safe”) & maybe a dozen more that could use reinforcing.
Neighbor suggested pounding t-posts beside these & wiring the posts to those.
I called a local company, guy came, heard me out, but never called back.
I called the company that put the fencing in & the guy they sent could not have been more dismissive. I got the disrinct impression they did not want to be bothered with such a small job. Sure enough, when I left a msg a week+ later, I got back that they were “too busy” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
They have a (well-earned) reputation of being expensive. Which I can attest to from my contact with them when I first had the fencing installed.
Back then money was barely an issue :roll_eyes:

Does anyone here know of a fencing company in NW IN that could do this job?

Check your local co op, tractor supply people, southern states store, etc for recommendations. Look on local horsie fb pages or post that you are looking to get fencework done. You can look on craigslist too for fence people, just be careful about paying them, best bet is you buy the materials, or they order them on their account if they get discounts, then you pay for n pick them up so you know the materials make it to YOUR house. If they have good references, half the labor cost up front if thats the norm up there n then the other half when the job is done and you are happy with it. Down here in east tn no one even asks for payment for the labor portion till the job is done, and I am too much of a control freak to pay any for the labor till it is done to my satisfaction either hahaha. Good luck!!!

Thanks for the tips.
Will do if the local guys who returned my call & are coming next week don’t pan out.

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For the neighbours suggestion, you can do it yourself. There is a tool for pounding in t posts. You slip it over the top of the post, stand it up with it’s handles and then lift it and bring it down on the t post over and over. You can do it even if you don’t have much strength. If the ground is too hard soften it with buckets of water. Then you just need a pair of fencing pliers and some wire.

Add in insulators and make the fence electric, then you do not need any strength and can fix it yourself anytime day or night.

found this Milwaukee M18 FUEL Utility Fencing Stapler 2843-20 (expensive) but after having hit fingers driving fencing staples it sure would be a very nice addition if fencing a large amount