Desperately ISO: Farrier in Charleston, SC

Just throwing this out there, I’ve read the older threads on this which don’t have a ton of responses but maybe there are new people on the forum :crazy_face:

I need a ~good~ farrier who is willing to travel to Monck’s Corner! To save y’all time and energy, here’s a list of farriers I’ve reached out to that will not travel to me for just one horse:

  • Mick Doyle
  • Grant Comley
  • John from Tryon (don’t know his last name lol)
  • Marty Bryant

I have been in conversation with a guy named Cory Huff as well but he kinda stopped responding to me so I’m not sure if that’s going to play out or not. Please feel free to DM me with any reviews, good or bad, on farriers you have worked with in this area!! I am also trying to eliminate anyone that I definitely SHOULDN’T try and then go from there.

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Eric Fox used to be ok and may go out that way. He’s in Aiken.
Good luck, I used to live in SC. It’s hard.

I highly recommend Eric Fox. Excellent farrier.
I’m not sure he goes that far out though, but it’s worth contacting him. If he doesn’t he might know someone who will.

You might also consider trailering closer to Aiken for the farrier.