*Desperately* trying to find a trainer in North GA

I recently moved to Dawsonville GA and I’m having a hell of a time finding a trainer who will come out to my barn. :mad:

I’m looking primarily for an eventing trainer, but would also love a dressage trainer as long as he/she is eventer friendly (someone who understands that my horse isn’t going to go in a higher frame and perform the classical movements).

If anyone has ANY leads, please let me know. I’m desperate!

I know someone in commerce. He’s purely dressage. But I don’t know if that’s close enough. . .

Elisa Wallace of Wallace Eventing is in Jasper, 30 min. away from you. She is excellent.

I sent a PM with recommendations and my number as well. I’m no longer in the area, but was there for a long time so I know a good number of people.

I know someone who is absolutely fantastic but is more towards Dalton/Chatsworth, let me know if that’s not too far and I can get you her info.

Do you have a trailer? You may need to haul. It is often not worth a trainer’s while to travel to you.

You should try to contact Jen Scherrens, she is awesome :

Beth Stelzleni of S-squared Eventing may be willing to come to you. She comes to me and I’m an hour away. :slight_smile: She’s in Athens/Danielsville area. She is most excellent :slight_smile: Also very good at dressage too.
http://ssquaredeventing.com/ is her website… it should have her contact info.