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Deuber & Partner (DP) Saddles

I’m interested in the DP baroque saddle as a lightweight and adjustable alternative while I gain back physical strength. As in easier to lift onto my horse’s back, and easier/simpler to purchase since it’s adjustable and I don’t need to look all over for the right size.

There are a few things I’m not sure of based on the somewhat scant info they provide online, and would appreciate hearing whether anyone has experience with them on the following:

(Let’s assume the DP Campo or Quantum models, in case there are differences in design).

  1. Can they be considered a hoop tree? This is a sticking point with fitting my mare, because if the tree angles aren’t correct the saddle will roll off her. (I.e., the angles need to be like those on a hoop tree).

  2. Do the baroque-style gussets (with the gussets that extend both at the front and the rear of the under-part of the flap) provide more or less stability with respect to rolling?

  3. Are they comfortable to sit in? The profile to me looks to be what’s sometimes called a high head, which can mean seat area is further back or constricted - but I could be wrong, it’s hard to judge by photos. (It doesn’t need to be high-headed for my mare who has low withers).

I checked and the DPs will adjust to be wide enough for her.

Thanks for any experience anyone can share.