Devils claw - minis with EMS

I have a mini mare who has EMS and is prone to be Laminitic.
I’ve heard Devils claw is a natural pain killer that can help with inflammation. Also known as a alternative to Bute.

Does anyone know if it is safe to use for a mini who has EMS? Or for a mini who has foundered?

After every trim from the blacksmith my mini is a little sore. I’ve been told to bute her for a day or two afterwords, but I am looking for a more natural alternative.

Any advice would help!

I’ve used Devil’s Claw for a severely laminitic horse and it did help a lot. However I need to warn you, that a fellow boarder’s horse got in and ate my horse’s feed w/ the devil’s claw and she was
suddenly acting drunk as a skunk. The owner was so worried she called the vet out.
So it may affect certain horses differently. I no longer use it.

What I have used for pain and inflammation from laminitis and it helps even more is the
100X Joint Hylaluronic Acid. Just google 100X Joint Supplement.
Within about 1/2 hour horse feels sooooo much better. No downsides that I’ve seen. And it doesn’'t bother their stomach.

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If wee mini is sore, farrier is being too aggressive. I have rehabbed/trimmed several minis with laminitis and am re-habbing one right now with significant rotation. I keep the heels down and I back up/strong bevel the toe…never touch the sole.

As to the “Bute-less” stuff, as long as there’s no added sugars (molasses, etc), it should be ok in moderation.


I use Bute-less (devils claw) for my senior. To make a long story short, he’s retired, and although not EMS, he has issues with inflammation. It does help a lot with inflammation of the joints and it’s organic so I would imagine it would help your issue as well. It’s easy on the stomach as well.

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I have known a couple of horses that get hot hooves for 4 or 5 days after a trim even when the trim is modest.

This is very different from other horses that are tender on gravel or want boots for trail riding after a trim, but never get hot feet.

So it doesn’t necessarily mean too much has been taken off in any obvious sense. It may mean lurking EMS. Or not. I have never seen any informed discussion of this beyond the idea the farrier trimmed too short.

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Devil’s claw is an NSAID, just like Bute, Banamine, etc. It works via the same mechanism and has all the same side effects. The major difference is that there is no research or enforcement of dose, effectiveness, purity, safety…Especially in a mini, where it would be much easier to inadvertently overdose the animal, I would stick with an approved medication at the dose recommended by your vet.

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What about acetaminophen? My horse went to clinic w laminitis last year and it was one of the pain meds he received.

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