Devocoux Chiberta, flap/leg fit issues

Bought a stunning Chiberta off of Facebook sight unseen. I’ve never even had the privilege of sitting in one so was excited to get this saddle.
I got it cheap at $2K CAD (1600 USD) as it has extensive damage to the calf/rear blocks . Leather is worn off on the bottom of them and some foam worn away. Seemed odd since the saddle is a 2016 and in excellent shape otherwise.

Low and behold I get up in it , posting trot, and I feel the back of my calf bumping into that block .
Well , that explains the damage from the previous rider.
It’s a 2AA Flap .
I’m 5’6” and all torso with short thick legs . My legs like to jutt forward too , I can ride in a track exercise saddle all day but heaven forbid I have to spend 10 minutes in a dressage saddle … my body says NO. Lol.
So is the issue that a 2AA flap is not fitting me correctly ? Too long a flap ? Too forward ?

I feel at home in a 3C flap on a CWD.
Forward ( but NOT long) flap on a County Innovation.
Had one of those Pessoa Monoflaps and if anything it wasn’t forward enough and my knee hit the knee block … although the seat was a bit small for me.

Any opinions what type of rider build a 2AA flap is supposed to jive with ? I’m in BC , Canada and pretty much no one here has or rides in a Chiberta . The tack shops within an hour of me have never even seen one come through the door .

Any light shed would be appreciated! Thanks

I think it would be best to see a photo of you on a horse, in this saddle.

Yeah I have to talk my BF into helping me out with that lol

2AA is standard length, double forward. If you’re all torso and short legs, it’s probably throwing your lower leg alignment out of whack with your hips. AA is good for a long thigh because there’s more room between where your seatbones go and where your knee should find a nice pocket. If you don’t have a long thigh then either your knee is not in the pocket and I bet the saddle feels like the twist is super wide, or you’ve had to jack your stirrups up to get there, and either one will push your calf back on the blocks.

CWD (SE01 and SE02) have a very different pommel/twist profile and seat depth so a very different working center compared to a Chiberta, so I think their flap configurations end up riding less specifically than DVX’s do. I’m 5’7” and all legs and I take a 3C in CWD and a 3AA in DVX.

If you tend to find your leg out in front of you, I wonder about your hip flexors and their preference for twist width. Sometimes the leg goes forward because it can’t go out any further. If that’s true and you like the DVX for your horse, if you’re negotiable on the mono flap, try the Biarritz S. Flatter seat, longer working center, narrower twist than the Chiberta.

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LOVE Chibertas…. But yes, they’re not suitable for everyone. Pm me if you’re thinking of selling :slight_smile:

They aren’t popular because they’re famous for hurting horses backs.

Can you post a pic of your leg while you are sitting on it?

I find my leg hits my block but I deal with it because the saddle fits my horse great and I got a great deal on it. I have short legs so short forward flaps are a rarity anyways.

Ride in it a bit more and see if you can get used to it.