Devon.. To Go Or Not To Go?

I live about 3 hrs from Devon, the drive doesn’t bother me, and I’d really love to experience Devon. I’d love to take my yearling colt, as I feel he might be competitive. I’m still new to the East Coast HB scene, but in the end I don’t do it to win, but for the experience for my youngsters and I just enjoy showing! I would show my own little man (again for the experience I’m not in it to WIN it, but it is fun to get a ribbon). Would you go? The prices are a bit more than the usual HB show around here, and the travel is farther, but just to say I’ve done it … and the experience of dressing up and just doing the thing? Who’s going, who’s gone, what do you think?

I loved showing at Devon. I wouldn’t go if that was his only show so you need to find a few others to get him out and about first. You also need a handler which are hard to get at this late date. It was worth it to me.

He’ll be getting out a lot prior to devon for sure :slight_smile: I’m a little bummed that the MD shows wont be holding classes, but he does need to mature a little more so waiting for Rose Mount will probably be a blessing.

You also need a handler which are hard to get at this late date.

Maybe I’ll look like an idiot, but I’ll still handle my own horse. I don’t have a riding horse to show, and with as much money as I’ll be spending, like I said its for the experience, I want to handle my own horse, even if it means I don’t win because of it. He gets in the ring … thats the important part.

Oh I missed that part about handling yourself. No rules against it of course but they definitely seem to like “names” there.

It’s definitely worth it! Devon is a different experience than other shows. You get to see some of the best horses, handlers and breeders in one place, and it’s a great place to network and meet others.

ETA: Plus there are a lot of different educational and social events, great food, and great shopping! :slight_smile:

Yea, I figure everyone else will have someone with a big name handling… but hey… I’m just a youngin who likes to play… even if I stick out a little hehe. I’m gonna put a little more effort at home this year trying to really teach the babies to stand up (I got a few good moments last year, but I’m still trying to master the cute neck) then I did last year, but being able to talking with the big names is always fun :-). Last year was so exciting just being within feet of some of the top handlers !

[QUOTE=New Horizons;7465293]

ETA: Plus there are a lot of different educational and social events, great food, and great shopping! :-)[/QUOTE]

Not this year. It is on Sunday now, all that will be over except some of the shops.

^^^ True, but it being SUnday allows me to go, I work in Public Safety and its not always easy to change my schedule, and I happen to have that weekend off :slight_smile:

My filly showed in HB last year at Devon. Being an “exhibitor” was a dream I had held for 42 years, having attended the show whenever I could since Middle School. When she won her class, and my name was on the board, I wept.

I didn’t hear about the schedule change. So the DSHB classes are Sunday? What made them change days?

There is a thread on the H/J Forum… don’t remember if one surfaced on this board… something about moving the derby to thursday to hopefully bump numbers correct me if I am wrong someone

Definitely go! The experience of showing at Devon is like none other, for lots of reasons.

New Horizons – the schedule for Hunter Breed classes at The Devon Horse Show (held in the spring) has changed; DSHB classes at DAD (held in Sept) have not.

From the Devon e-mail:

2014 Schedule Changes Reflect Exhibitor Priorities

With the 2014 Prize List in production, the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair announces scheduling changes will be made to the annual 11 day event. The changes have been made so that the schedule better coincides with the needs of the exhibitors.
While the Junior Weekend, Thursday, May 22 - Saturday, May, 24, schedule remains the same, Memorial Day weekend does include a location change to the Pleasure Carriage Drive on Sunday, May 25. Last year, after days of rain left the fields at the original starting point, St. David’s Church, totally unusable, the Pleasure Drive was judged at the grounds. The coaches and carriages then followed a 4.5 mile circuitous route leading back to the grounds for the award presentations. This change of venue was very successful for both the exhibitors and spectators, so much so that the Pleasure Carriage Drive will begin at Devon again in 2014.
The professional Hunter divisions have been streamlined. They will still occur over three days, Monday, May 26 - Wednesday, May 28, but the classes have been consolidated so that all of the 1st year, 2nd Year and Green Conformation classes will occur on Monday and Tuesday and all of the High Performance and Regular Conformation classes will occur on Tuesday and Wednesday.
One of the most significant changes for 2014; the International Hunter Derby will take place on Thursday, May 29, beginning late morning. The horse breeding classes will take place on the final Sunday, June 1.
“We hope that moving the Hunter Derby to be contiguous with the professional Hunter divisions will entice more riders to stay and participate,” said Devon co-manager, David Distler. “The final Sunday, being devoted to breeding classes, will offer a peaceful, quiet environment to get the yearlings and two-year-olds ready for the ring. There will also more stalls and more parking available. The switch is a win/win.”
The Open Jumper Stake, which has taken place for the past two years in the afternoon, will be moved back to the evening session on Saturday, May 31. It had long been one of Devon’s most exciting evening events, attracting thousands of spectators. The class will take place at the beginning of the evening session. The Grand Prix of Devon will remain in place, Thursday, May 29.
“All of the changes we’ve made this year are a plus, all really positive,” said Devon co-manager, Peter Doubleday. “Schedule changes are hard to make at Devon, it’s a long and tightly packed schedule, but we are happy to adapt as needed. The schedule alterations have been made very thoughtfully, and hopefully the exhibitors will be able to accommodate the changes this year.”

Thanks Rosebud and Kendra! I was thinkng of DAD. I forgot about the big hunter show in May.

That is the “real” Devon!

I was considering taking my kids to the DAD show as well… I guess it all determines on my financial situation. With the entry fees due so early for Devon HB, I’m not sure I’ll be able to convince myself to go when I can go to closer cheaper shows this year. I am really trying to pay off a loan, and I need to get my colt gelded, and then spring shots, I may just wait on shows until he is a littl more mature, gelded, and I have my financials where I feel more secure and not live on a shoestring just to show… unfortunately…

I have shown at both. DAD was fun and much less expensive but nothing compares to Devon. If I had to pick one I would pick Devon hands down unless my horse was very dressagey.

If you have the chance now, go! Not only will you have a very special experience but you’ll have a picture to remind you of it, and of how your yearling looked beautifully turned out with the Devon blue bleachers in the background.

Take the opportunity and go! It is a lovely show & great atmosphere for the young ones. I thought about handling my two year old myself last year but chickened out and got a professional and then choose to do the Amateur Handler myself. It was extremely rewarding seeing all my hard work pay off. My gelding fell asleep, yes, I mean it, in the Am. Handler classes and I truly had no idea what I was doing, but he jogged beautifully and I didn’t trip and fall, and therefore I was extremely happy. As much as there is going on, there is truly a great feeling when you are at the horse show & I think the horses pick up on it.

The chance to be an “exhibitor” as on person stated, is truly an amazing feeling. Can’t wait till my guy is old enough to do the performance divisions!