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Here’s an interesting question. How much longer do you think Devon will exist?
Do you think the grounds will be an office complex within 10 years?

I really truly hope not, but it is an interesting question. I think the showgrounds and the horse show itself are an important social aspect of the area, however, I do wonder economically how viable the showgrounds are (I think the Devon horseshow itself is probably doing okay financially). It is so cool how many people from the community come to the show (it really is a country fair, too!) to shop and ride the rides even if they aren’t horse people and the horse show is the one time every year they actually see a horse. The Grand Prix is a big social event. So, in that way, I feel the show caters to many more people than just those that attend the show. However, I don’t believe many other shows use the venue, so does it sit empty most of the year? I know other horse show venues such as the Virginia Horse Center try to be in use almost every weekend (hunter shows, dressage shows, western shows, saddleseat, etc) in order to stay financially viable. I wonder if it’s an issue that many purpose built show facilities could face, including places like Keswick and Deep Run.

There is a Christmas Village slated for this year at the Devon show grounds, will be interesting to see how that does! the tickets are pricey, and I do think there’s a package type pass if you plan to go more than once during the season.

The Fall Classic is also there as well as dressage at devon.
I’m not far from Devon and grew up going just about every night, my parents have a box in the main grandstand that I will clutch to and pass on to my son …

I showed there once while in pony club in the pony hunt teams, rode with my dad in our carriage for the sunday carriage marathon, rode as a groom with a dear friend in the pony two wheel division, on their coach and in the carriage racing exhibition, our son did leadline with my dad just so I have those treasured pictures and memories, so yeah, Devon means a lot to me.

I hope it lives on


There are a number of schooling shows on the Devon grounds throughout the year too but it’s my understanding that it’s incredibly expensive to rent and consequently entry numbers are typically huge in order to make the show even worth doing there. Last year it also hosted a local year end show that you qualify for called Colonial Classic, but the numbers were again completely nutty in order to make it affordable enough. It’s iconic of course but the price is not exactly cost effective relative to other local venues - it could be in use more if it was a bit more reasonable. It’s a huge bummer that the Brandywine shows no longer happen too. I’m no longer in the area but was living quite close to Devon and the cost of doing Brandywine vs. other “local” A shows was more affordable due to hauling, etc. but they apparently had low entries in 2022 and are now totally shuttered.

Colonial Classic moved to PG Equestrian Center this year too.

I think Devon will, sadly, end. Just a gut feeling.