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Devoucoux Saddle HELP!


Can someone pleasee help me decode my devoucoux saddle stamp - I have two saddles, one fits my horse much better than the other but for the life of me I cannot find out how to read the stamp!

Is there anyone with some more expertise than me that can help out!

The stamp reads:
Arcade Normale - EM
D#D SB 4.0 3-10

From what I understand Arcade Normale means M/MW. I can’t work out what the EM means?
SB - It has some area taken out of the shoulder area?
4.0 (does this mean neutral in the front?)
3-10 (I cannot work out what this means)

I am in NZ and we only have one Devoucoux rep who lives on the other side of the country and is very hard to get ahold of!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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Arcade Normale is a standard tree. My experience is that Devoucoux tends to be a “generous medium” tree.

I’ve never seen EM.

You’re right on the SB- it’s a minor beveling or foam cutout for shoulder clearance. Some horses notice it (mine does) and some don’t.

4.0 is their baseline padding over the wither (4.5 would be some additional dimension added to fill in wither hollows and provide clearance.) 3-10 is 10mm of foam subtracted from the region under the cantle. Because the front has nothing added and the back has foam removed, this configuration will provide some lift around the wither in the front relative to the back and might suit a horse with a somewhat curvy back and wither hollows.


I have two Devoucoux Oldara saddles bought many years ago, and some remote memory is telling me that the letters may refer to the shape of the seat itself (not the tree). I think E at some point meant a narrow seat, but have no idea about M.