Devoucoux Saddle

I am looking to buy a new Devoucoux Oldara. I am trying to read the stamp (as the saddle is for sale online), but I’m not fully understanding what it means.

The only thing that I really need help with is reading what the stamp means as far as the flap goes.

There are two saddles that I found that will fit me, but they have different flap sizes. One is a 4A and the other is a 4AA.

What is the difference?

I think the number is how long the flap is, with 1 being normal, and anything greater than 1 being longer. A is forward and AA is extra forward. At least I think.

Thank you for your response. That’s what I thought it meant as well.

Also, does anyone know what this part of the flap means: “PX5 PZ425 PXLUZ”?

What is the difference between “PZ425” and “PZ415”?

The stuffing in the panels. I don’t know what part of the panel each represents though. Send the serial #s to Devoucoux- they’re fairly responsive in my previous experiences.