deworming question - how long until in the clear?

Hello all!

I have a senior horse with chronic ulcers (we continue to treat ). I had hesitated on worming him, but the vet said he wont gain weight unless we do.

So today, I wormed him with Strongid. It has been almost 2 hours, so we are probably past the toxicity point. But how long until I am in the clear for other problems (colic etc.)?

Any ideas?

I dewormed with Equimax about the same time ago today. Taped the both of them first for weight so I’m not worried about toxicity at all and not really with ivermectin anyway. Now with today’s strange high temps, which have been this way for a while and have been why I didn’t do this earlier, I will be paying attention to colic noises till about 9 or 10 PM tonight. The old guy is not liking the warm weather one bit with his full winter coat.

We have crazy warm weather too. 63 in Michigan. He’s been fine and on omeprazole anyways. Gave with soaked alfalfa pellets too.

Was a FEC done, and if so, what was the result? Who indicated to use Strongid (pyrantal pamoate)? Most likely it didn’t do much of anything.

What “toxic” issues are you concerned about? Dewormers don’t work on anything in the stomach, unless it’s ivermectin or moxidectin where it would kill bots in there.