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Diabetic Kitty Help

Duncan my diabetic boy is not doing well. He handled the move and all the stress much better than I did but he is drinking a lot of water. I think his meds need to be increased but mommy is SOL and $$.

Does anyone have or know of where I can get some insulin for cheap? He is on Lantus. I already checked Craigslist and the manufacturer site and nothing on CL and website has low cost program for people not animals. Does anyone have any Lantus they can spare?

Just to be cheerful - he is a popcorn FIEND. I was sitting watching a movie last night and I guess teh temptation of a huge bowl of buttered popcorn was too much because the next thing I know he had his head in the bowl and was grabbing as much as he could as fast as he could. He got quite a bit before I wrested the bowl away from him. My fault I guess for not putting the snap on lid on the bowl and just sticking my hand under it. Jerk.

Awww, good to hear Duncan’s popcorn habit is in good standing.
Is that a diabetic NO! ?

Just brainstorming, but could there be a SM community for diabetic cats that may have a link to shared or low cost meds?
Have you contacted a local vet who might help?

My vet is on vacation this week.

And I’m sorry my brain is full - what is SM?

Jingles for you and your kitty.

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I used to get lantus pens that I used like a vial, at Target using the loyalty program for Sanofi for people
Pharmacist was aware and didn’t care

This might be it

It try this

Answer to the three questions

I found this via the Diabetic Cat group online, and I believe they’re now on Facebook too.
Feline Diabetes Support Group on Facebook with 14k members is the group to join

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Try the manufacturer’s website for coupons, or goodrx. You may also be able to ask your vet if there’s a cheaper insulin you could switch to, whether it’s buying it from the clinic or having it scripted out to a pharmacy. It may require some time and money up front for bloodwork to get him properly regulated again, but if he’s drinking a lot, he probably needs that anyways. If your vet requires blood glucose curves, where they keep the cat for a day and check blood glucose levels every hour or two, you can ask if you can do those at home to save money- an Alphatrak device is super easy where you just poke a toe tip or ear flap to get a tiny drop of blood, or a Freestyle Libre device is a continuous monitor your vet can apply that will read levels for about 2 weeks at a time. Most vets are super understanding of cost concerns and can work with you to come up with a treatment plan to fit your budget or needs.

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