Diagnose my hip pain!

I know, this really shouldn’t be the right place to ask this. However, I don’t have a GP I like, and although I know ultimately I want to get sent to a specific physical therapist (he’s worked with my husband and my daughter, and he’s the husband of a co-worker and he’s great) I’m not sure if I can actually get that to happen with our medical system in a remotely timely matter.

So here I am.

I ride and teach for a living. I haven’t had any significant falls or accidents recently. It started out about 6 weeks ago with hip pain (outer hip - right where you’d think the joint is) in my left leg. I was gimpy for a while, then came home, rested, then noticed it in my right… It hurts in both. Sometimes one more than the other, usually just nagging, but I occasionally gimp. I’m sparingly using NSAIDS, but only when I’m really hurting. I’m much better riding than walking.

I’m just shy of mid-40s.

What am I dealing with?

Why not get an xray? Your GP should refer you to an Orthopedic person who will do an xray before diagnosing. The xray is your property. Take it to a second orthopedic for a second opinion. From here I’d guess arthritis or bursitis. Both are treatable. I’ve had a hip replaced, two knees, and a shoulder. Only feeling I have about that is I wish I’d done it sooner. I live pain free, ride every day and just rejoined first flight fox hunting after training my young horse to jump. I’m 67. Do you really want to be in pain for the next 20 years when you don’t have to be?

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Most defnitely not! I need a push. Thanks for the push.

That location makes me think bursitis, which is often pretty easy to treat with a steroid injection. Take a peek at Google for “trochanteric bursitis” and see if that looks like a good fit for where you hurt.

Definitely hit up the doctor, you don’t need to hurt :slight_smile:


I agree, you definitely need xrays so that you know what you’re dealing with.

I have moderate hip-arthritis, diagnosed by x-rays in my late 30s. I’m now 58. I’ve managed to avoid a hip replacement to date by using an excellent joint supplement, coupled with an SI belt. I swear by the SI belt: I started wearing it over a year ago and it has made a HUGE improvement in my hip pain, to the point I rarely take NSAIDs any more.

Best wishes to your finding the cause of and relieving your pain.

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Check out femoroacetabular impingement. I had to self diagnose and bring it to my Dr. and they confirmed. Easily confused with bursitis.

Any chance it could be tight IT bands? I had this problem a couple of years ago and resolved it by stretching and using a foam roller. Before that, it sometimes hurt so much that I couldn’t walk.

You can look up IT bands and stretches via Dr. Google.

Hope this is it because while painful, not serious, as far as I can tell.

Year old thread…

@Showbizz how are you doing? Hope this problem is long resolved! :grin:

What joint supplement have you had success with?

I swear by Recovery by Purica. I started using Recovery EQ for an older QH years ago and got amazing results, so I started using the human version myself. Whenever I’ve tried to switch to other brands I’ve always regretted it. It’s only sold in Canada right now, and pricier than a lot of them, but worth it to me. Let me know if you want a link to where you can purchase it!

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Yes please, I would love to try it! The hip pain journey is for life I have learned :slight_smile:

Of course! Link is below.

I’ve been on joint supplements for over 30 years, and one thing I’ve learned with myself and my horses is not to skip the loading dose. This supplement has worked for myself, my animals and my husband for many, many years.

Best wishes to you!