Diamante Equestrian aka Johnson Horse Sales

Many people including myself, and my veterinarian have talked to them at length suggesting exactly that …the father is determined to get his daughter a horse for a Christmas present no matter what …just found out that they went ahead and bought the horse last night despite all my efforts in trying to steer them in the right direction 😐 …they also used the vet that does work for the seller for the ppe 🤦🏽”â™€ï¸

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I did see that the horse had sold. Let us hope we are all wrong and he’s a good addition!

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A trainer who is getting an undisclosed kickback, commission, finders fee (or whatever nice name you want to give it) from the seller? I just call it dishonest. Undisclosed commissions are illegal in some states.

Hope the kid doesn’t get her heart broken, what the heck is the matter with some people…

Realize you must keep us informed here. There are decent horses coming through reputable auctions, suspect neither is true here and the young child is the loser.

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I couldn’t agree more …I will keep everyone posted …thank you to everyone who offered their advice

This feels like it is coming prepackaged with heartbreak

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Any updates on this? I was considering an auction horse from this barn (moved to NJ) but it’s over budget and this thread has a lot of red flags.

First and foremost the Facebook page read Johnson horse sales because that was the name up until 2019. When my husband and I got together we decided to rename the farm to Diamante Equestrian. The reason why the Facebook wasn’t changed was simply because I didn’t know how to change the page and figured most people would figure it out. Since then the page has been changed and Diamante Equestrian is a registered business.
As far as horses with funny confirmation I really don’t know what you’re looking at because I’m pretty particular and have been around them my whole life. Growing up I was always able to have very well trained show horses and went to some of the best shows so I do know how a horse is supposed to be built and put together. I also know how to make horses stand square and look good for pictures. I see many horses advertised with extremely poor pictures and I don’t really see that in mine. To each their own, if you don’t like them move along. Any person is welcome to come to my farm, ride the horses, do a PPE, drug test or do whatever you’d like to do.
Another thing I want to take care of is I AM NOT affiliated with Camelot, which isn’t Camelot and hasn’t been since 2015-2016 it is cranbury and I never have been. So that information you felt to write is entirely inaccurate. My husband use to be half owner in Cranbury when it was an auction in Cranbury NJ and when we got together I told him he had to be done with that because I did not want affiliations. That business is dissolved and the auction no longer exists. I have been selling horses long before my husband I got together.
The trainer did not get a kick back and the horse was not drugged. Before you make assumptions and post them on the internet maybe you should’ve drove to the farm met me, saw my facility, saw my horses, spoke to me, rode the horse and been there for the PPE. No one would’ve ever told you no!!! Also Quakertown that did the vetting was not my vet and didn’t work for me. When I purchased the farm in 2017 I used them right off the rip because that’s who the previous owner used who I bought the farm from and I didn’t know anyone else in the area since I moved from an entirely different area, I later met other vets that were significantly cheaper so I used them instead. Quakertown is a good vet and a big clinic they’re not going to not do their diligence.
My horses come from many different places, not necessarily an auction but plenty do. I’m more than happy to say where a horse came from all you have to do is ask and yes some horses just ride and act quiet without drugs. They do exist you just have to look and find them.
I am just responding to this post now because I just came across it and figured I would write the truth so there’s no more “stories and accusations” if someone wants to know something just ask or do your homework. I have plenty reviews and my phone number is posted all over. I’m not a fly by night renter or kid. I’m a grown woman that owns her own farm, has a registered business and owns every horse we sell.