Diamond Wood Saddle Pad and Sore Back

Does anyone have any experience with a horse getting a sore back after using a Diamond Wood Saddle Pad? The center seam does not appear to be flat when it is on the horses back. My horse had a sore back at a recent show when I was using my Diamond Wood Pad so I am not sure if this contributed to the soreness.

I guess I’m not entirely sure what you mean when you say the center seam was not flat.
Is it crooked?

If this is the only aspect you changed about your horse’s tack and the horse got a sore back, then it could be the cause.

What type of pad did you use before?

I am trying to make sure that the pad did not cause the sore back. I have a 5 star that I usually use. The seam in the middle of the pad is cut and the pad is actually in two pieces instead of being one solid piece. My 5 star has some stitching which prevents the edges from curling downward but the diamond pad does not.

I’ve used Diamond for years without issues. Any individual pad might be defective but I’ll buy Diamond again. I doubt it was your problem.