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difference between keratex hoof hardener and keratex hoof gel

I want to order one of these, but is there a difference in how they protect the hoof. what IS the difference between them? Thank you.

The Hardener is meant to help harden a weak or soft hoof. The gel will maintain that integrity on a hoof that was treated with the hardener, or a hoof in generally good shape that you’d like to maintain. The gel is a lot cheaper and a lot bigger of a bottle. I used the hardener on my OTTB for almost a year, and recently switched to the gel. The gel is awesome. I put it on before a ride, and when I hose off after the ride, the water balls up and rolls off his feet. Great for the terrible wet/dry cycles that I deal with here in Florida while not overdrying his feet.

I think the gel does have some hardening properties as well, but I have not noticed it make anywhere near the same difference as Durasole or Keratex hardener.

My regime that has worked really well for my TB that has great feet but just wears them down (barefoot behind, we train on gravel/asphalt in the winter, he cannot have hind shoes behind because of group T/O) is durasole to the sole/bar/heel (basically the entire bottom of the hoof) and Keratex gel to the horn/hoof - up front especially where the clinchers go. I have noticed it does repel water very well so it may not be suitable for very dry hooves that need moisture. The Keratex seems to do a good job of keeping the hoof around the nail hole/clinchers from cracking, which definitely helps in the dry summer.

I like and have used both, even at the same time. I used the hardener on the sole and the bottom 1/3 of the hoof, then the gel on the top 2/3 of the wall including coronet and heel bulbs.

I believe the gel contains formaldehyde but the hardener does not.

You can definitely smell the difference.

I have used both. I think it does depend on what type of environment your horses hooves are exposed to.

my vert recommended the hardener every other day. I’ve never used the gel but agree and hear its more for maintaining a good hoof

The difference - $8.25