Different bit rub

Have new horsie. Rode said horsie in nice stubben bridle w/ loose ring myler comfort snaffle. Was horrified to see the bit had rubbed. BUT it was not down where the ring goes through the mouthpiece, but up where it runs through the bridle cheekpiece.

Any ideas about why it rubbed there, & how I fix it? Will switching to an egg butt help, need to fit the bridle differently…???

Horses heads widen above the corners of the mouth, especially horses with fine muzzles like Arabians. I do not remember seeing any frontal pictures of horses heads where there is no widening of the skull above the corners of the mouth no matter the breed, it is just more extreme with Arabians.

You could get a wider bit or you could lower the bit in the horse’s mouth so it is vertically above the curb groove. Personally I move the bit down, rather old fashioned I know but it works if the bit is wide enough for the horse’s mouth.

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