Display issue on COTH alone

I’m on an android and as of Friday the site displays strangely. Doesn’t do this anywhere else. Has anyone else noticed this on their mobile device? I tried restarting and fiddled with my settings but no joy.


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Thank you.

Which thread this this?

I’m guessing there’s a long text string (or an ad) somewhere in the thread that breaking the table. Does this just happen on this one thread, or everywhere?

Which browser are you using? This doesn’t look like chrome (at least not the version I run.)

It’s all the threads and I’m using the Samsung browser. It only happens on this site.

It appears that using Chrome fixed it. Thank you Simkie.

I’m not seeing that same issue if I pull up the site on the Samsung browser, so it might be related to an ad blocker or something? Glad it looks okay for you in chrome!

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