DIY Blanket Re-Waterproofing

I did do a search for this, but all the threads all seem to be nearly a decade old. So let’s see what everyone is using now. My dude lives out 24/7 (with a lovely comfy run in stall that he refuses to enter during wet weather) so it’s important that his blankets are very waterproof. I do wash my blankets with a mild detergent, but I’m looking for the latest, greatest re-waterproofing spray.

What do you use that works the best?

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Orange cap spray from walmart - it’s in the camping section!

I also use the orange-cap spray from Walmart. I have 4 horses, so I buy it in bulk on Amazon.

I actually clean blankets as a side gig :slight_smile:

You can get the wash in waterproofer but I actually think it sucks. It can make the other parts of the blanket that you don’t want waterproofed all gross. Not a huge fan, but I use it if requested by my customers.

The orange cap tent waterproof spray is by far the best. You need about 70% of a can to do one blanket. It smells horrid, do it with a mask on. Hang it to dry for 24 hours before you store it. The smell dissipates and once again it will smell like the detergent you used.

I’m not familiar with the orange cap stuff from Walmart so I don’t know if this will be more or less expensive. Its good stuff though! 303 Fabric Guard for Outdoor Fabrics

$6.48 per can at Walmart. 303 Fabric Guard in pump container $17.59 for 16oz on Amazon.

OK, the COTH hive mind has spoken! I purchased 3 cans and will give it a shot. Thank you all!

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i didn’t have much luck, but I’m also a terrible do-it-yourselfer

I used to use that stuff, and I still do in a pinch if something is getting a bit dicey in the middle of winter (GA, all rain, all the time), but I have about 6-8 rugs and that’s a lot of spraying and I found it really only lasts one season if you have horses out in all sorts of weather (and mud).

I used to use regular Star Brite (Amazon) which lasts a few seasons per application, but I just switched to the water based Star Brite based on the recommendation of a person who has a blanket business. And since it’s water based I feel a lot better about using my tank sprayer that is battery operated (easy to clean water based stuff from sprayer heads).

I use Camp Dry for my waterproofing. It runs $7-8 for a good size can and i get a whole blanket done. I have used both the green and blue capped cans. Application seems to last all season, no wet horse underneath. I also leave them hang at least 24 hours before userving or packingj away…

I use a liquid soap found in camping supplies, Dunham sporting goods stores, in an orange plastic bottle. Use a capful per load, cleans nicely for me, but horses are not pigs in mud either. I chose this detergent because it said “safe for Gortex and synthetic fabrics” used in hunting gear.

This sure beats the “olden days” of canvas blankets that got treated yearly with Thompsons Water Seal! Hang to dry for a few days.