DIY Half Pad Shims

I have an ECP pad that I recently got that has two shim pockets. It came with 3 different sizes of foam shims, and they work good, but I lost two if the front ones. I could go buy another set but I’m wondering if anyone has ideas out there for making my own? Is there anything out there or good combinations that can conform at least a little and help absorb shock? I was really interested in the shock-absorbing shims that ECP has but they’re running a little out of what I care to spend for it. My half pad also doesn’t have any of the sheepskin on it and I ride a lot of horses. I’d love to go out and get a $300 sheepskin but as a college student its just not very realistic! I saw one place that sold perforated neoprene sheets for a good price and I saw somewhere that felt can be used… does anyone have any testimonials for a material? Reasonable easy to clean and take in and out of the pockets without ripping is a plus.

Mattes shims are actually just heavy felt. You can buy the felt and make your own. Or if you want something thicker, go to the fabric store and buy foam and make your own. I did that and it worked fine. I used the original shim as a pattern.

Good to know caryledee :slight_smile: What kind of foam did you use?

Good to know caryledee :slight_smile: I’ve been thinking about getting a custom Mattes pad when I’ve got the money sometime down the road. What kind of foam did you use?

My saddle fitter uses yoga mats.

I would think yoga mat would work pretty well. Also might consider a medical supply place to see if they have memory foam. Or if you want something thicker a thin backpackers mattress- try sierra trading post. Good luck.

I bought the ugliest wool sweater and threw it in the dryer and cut to size.

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I bought the ugliest wool sweater and threw it in the dryer and cut to size.[/QUOTE]

That’s a great idea! :slight_smile:

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I also use yoga mats for extra shims.