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DIY Hay Nets

My BO is thinking about making his own slow feed nets to go on frames that he already purchased (the nets were poor quality and wore out quickly). He called a company to get a quote on bulk netting and was told the netting was $12.56 per sq foot. Is this a typical price for “baseball” netting? If so it will be cheaper (and more convenient) to purchase premade nets.

If you have made your own hay nets what type of netting did you use? what did it cost? and where did you get it?


We bought from West Coast Netting and got a 12 foot by 20 for $125 so nowhere near that price. I think shipping was another $20 or so.

I just mentioned in another post we got the 1 3/4 #42 netting which I don’t know what kind of sports netting that is but it’s making a dang good hay net. I have six horses on it constantly, chewing and pawing at it and it’s holding up to all of it. The horse’s consumption rate is EXACT and the waste is nil.

Another source for netting.


click on material at the top of the page to see other styles of net.

Thanks, I’ll forward these to my barn owner.