Do these breeches exist?

I’m on the hunt for full seat breeches (not silicone), in a lighter weight material with a phone pocket. Does such a breech exist?

Most of the ones I have that offer this feature are more fall/cooler weather material and thickness. I really like my Pikeur Nia breeches so I thought I’d like the Phia because they look similar bit fit totally different and weird! Such a disappointment. I was hoping they’d be the Nia but lighter weight.

I’d also forego the phone pocket, but would prefer it. I would also consider knee patch (no silicone) lightweight breeches with a phone pocket.

Any suggestions?

If you search for breeches with a clarino seat you may find some that suit. Unfortunately most of the makes have grip seats which mean silicone. In the UK Derby House do a full seat that look equivalent to the old style Cavallo Chaghall, and there are a few others but none have pockets that will take a modern size smart phone.

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I have these: Have switched over to riding tights completely but I do not like the silicone. I have two pairs full seat, 2 with knee patch, all irideon.

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I was actually just looking at these. The material is “all season” and might be a bit thick for summer, but I’m going to order a pair and see what they’re like. Plus they actually have a few color options so I can get a little more exciting than black, gray, and navy :slight_smile:

I just got a pair from Loesdau. The Material is thinner and it has two side/phone pockets. The price wasn’t bad either! We’ll see how they hold up.

I forgot about that brand. I have an ancient pair of Irideon tights somewhere. Can’t recall how their sizing runs though.

Will look at Derby House @Nous thanks!

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If you’re willing to forego the phone pocket ROMFH makes some fabulous breeches with a traditional full seat

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I have the Sarafina breeches and the material isn’t bad but the fullseat has pilled quite a bit only after a few wears and this is my only pair of breeches that has done this. So it was a bit odd, but otherwise ok.

I wear a 28 in regular breeches, got a medium in the tights as I have hips… Also, fyi I’m in Florida so lighter is better and they are fine. Not sure their lifespan, but the price is decent enough if I have to replace in a couple years.

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There’s some silicone but it’s not much.

Tangent - but I wish Loesdau still shipped to Canada. They had a lot of house brand items that were great and super affordable.

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With phone pocket I like the fits all season pull ons. They are decently light. If you want lighter tropical rider endurocools are nice but no phone pocket.

The breeches I ordered arrived today and overall I was really pleased. The material is IMO very suitable for the summer and they were not cut too low…

My only concern was that they seem to run rather large.
I ordered my regular size (for Pikeur or Eurostar ) and I was swimming in them. so I am still trying to figure out the right size….
But otherwise they are exactly what I was looking for and the pocket for the phone is very convenient…

tropical riders are hands down my favorite summer breeches/tights and I live in very hot and very humid area.

They have a clarino or deerskin full seat and are my only ones that truly pass the ‘how easily can you pull them back on after having to pee on a summer day’ test. but sadly no phone pocket

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Thanks for the info! I think I will size down from my usual Pikeur size then.

Most of my winter breeches have a phone pocket so I got really used to that and find it very convenient. Now that I’m swapping over to summer gear, I miss my phone pocket :sweat_smile:

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I also like Tropical Riders, but I really wish they’d add a phone pocket and a modern waistband. That thin elastic is so uncomfortable on a hot day, especially when I have to jam my phone in it too.


agreed–I think their styling could use some updating for sure. But i love the material and the non silicone full seat