Do wide tree saddles make your hips hurt?

Horse stopping on XC- never done it before. Chiro visit and Myofascial release visit showed that neither my jumping or dressage saddle fit. FF to saddle search. I get a County perfection, loves how it fits my horse, but find my hips are sore after riding in it. Returned it from trial. Tried a Schlesee and that one hurt my hips even more. So, I am going from a medium tree to a medium-wide or wide tree. Will all of the wide tree saddles make my hips hurt?

You have to find a wide tree with a narrow twist. They are out there (try Stubben)




Same as above . You need a wide tree and med/narrow twist.
Wide twists do not make my hips hurt but I find I can’t “sit” in the saddle and end up riding on the front of my thigh and perched.


It is not just the twist that is important when it comes to hip pain. Cantle angle, the widest part of the seat and the relation to twist is actually more important in my opinion. In my experience, a lot of my clients with hip pain actually need a wider twist for support.

I need to know more about what type of pain and where it is located to be helpful. Inside of thigh, outside? What type of pain, achiness afterwards or sharp shooting pain for example.


I have the same problem. My horse is a wide tree and I bought an Adam Ellis jump with a hoop tree. My hips haven’t been the same since. I’ve shortened my stirrups, which helped. I was nervous about the much wider twist but was told by several people that most people adjust to it. I have not. My previous saddle was an older Bates Caprilli CC and they tend to have a narrower twist. We were using the MW tree in that.

The first saddle I tried when I bought the Adam Ellis was a Stubben Edelweiss NT with a 32 cm tree and the Biomex seat. It fit my horse well, which was unexpected since he has a very flat back, and I was very comfortable in it. I should’ve bought that saddle!!

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I had hip surgery a few years ago and quickly realized I needed a saddle with a narrow twist. My prestige saddle was great for my hips. Look for a narrow twist and I’m sure you will be much more comfortable.

I used to do some training rides for a tall man with large horses. His saddles had wide twists and I really struggled with hip pain after riding in them. There are wide treed saddles with narrow twists to be had, but you may have to hunt for them.

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A few days late to this topic, but I had this exactly problem riding in my Delgrange jumping saddle - it was SUPER painful on the outside of my left hip (I tend to put more weight in my left stirrup). I swapped to a Butet and within a week the pain was almost completely gone. Interestingly, the post-ride soreness I always got in my legs and core after I would take a few days off also completely disappeared with the Butet.

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