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Do you think I could make a cooler and maybe a quarter sheet like this?

I’d really love to make my own cooler and quarter sheet. Not necessarily because it will be cheaper, but because I love making my own stuff and I like the personalization! :slight_smile: I don’t have my own sewing machine though, and I honestly think this is an adorable idea!! Do you think I could make a cooler and quarter sheet with two sheets of fleece and connect them like - http://elementalcarbon.blogspot.com/2012/06/fleece-blanket-with-crocheted-edge_24.html

  • this?? I’d probably put a few stitches in the middle and do a nylon (or something similar) ribbon down the spine of both to keep the fleece sheets lined up.

You will need more than a spine down the middle and a few stitches to stabilize the layers enough.

And that edging looks like it will be really bulky, so if you ride with quarter sheets between your leg and the horse (rather than over your legs), it may cause rubs.

Otherwise… go for it. It might not be the most durable cooler setup there ever was, but if it’s cute and cheap and fun and makes you happy—why not?

If you want it sewn around the edge, you could take it to a tailor or dry cleaner. shouldn’t cost more than $10 for them to sew it. Do you have any friends with sewing machines?

Could you use a heavier single layer of fleece and still finish the edges that way? I am not super crafty, but I think that the double layers would be kind of unwieldy.

So CUTE! So, are you going to make it single or double layer? I thought you meant connect two pieces of fleece fabric with a ribbon, which would be the middle going down the horse’s back? I’d like to try something like this!

I didn’t think about that TBROCKS! Connecting two pieces along the spine would probably work. I was a little concerned about how it would work with two layers. I haven’t been to the fabric store to look at how thick and durable I can get fleece, I’m just day dreaming about ideas. My mom has a sewing machine peedin and I could also probably take it some where. I just saw that on Pintrest and thought it was super adorable! If I did a quarter sheet I’d maybe do something else, liie actually sew it. :slight_smile:

Cool! Let us know how it turns out!