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Do you think this might be a poodle?

Maybe a miniature poodle?

Edited to add: click on the arrow in the bottom right of the picture to play the video.

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That’s a Doodle. No doubt.


Poodle crossed with something else small… maltese or bichon, along those lines

part poodle, looks very much like my friends bichon frise, only a bit bigger.

Definitely a doodle. Looks like the pup is overdue for a grooming. If I had to guess it’s a cavapoo.

That’s a really sweet video. Something crossed with Velcro perhaps.


Could be a poodle.

Poodle mix, Lhasa, Shihzu or Bichon

Looks and acts like my Polo’s (2nd generation LhasaPoo) twin

I’d say poodle mix.
Hard to know which breeds; the mixes tend to all look very similar.

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Definitely a poodle doodle of some sort. From the shape of the head, I would guess Cavapoo or Poochon (also called Bichapoo).

Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! It’s too small to be an adult one, but it does look like my friend’s young golden retriever/poodle.

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I see a ton of small golden doodles.


Yes! Mini Golden Doodles. Pretty common.

Poodles come in sizes.
Miniature, toy, and standard.
Adult size is determined by the size of the poodle stud

I don’t think it’s limited to only the stud size. It’s the bitch as well. If it’s a miniature bitch, the puppies will definitely be small. Not sure whether most of the crosses are done with AI or not. I would guess not because it’s extra money and effort to get it right, so curious how they are managing. I would have to think a standard sized golden and miniature poodle would have to use AI one way or another, though, regardless of which is the dam or the sire.

I wouldn’t risk my tiny poodle bitch to carry pups from a lab or Goldie stud.

I don’t disagree; I am not sure how it works. I would think that many of these crosses would require AI only for the logistics. Not sure how well a miniature stud could mount a full size bitch either.

But I have to believe that the dam’s body size controls the puppy size. The full grown adult might be bigger than her but I can’t believe she would have giant newborns.

I have a “friend” who breeds smaller doodles. She uses a female golden and a small toy poodle to breed. The toy poodle has never needed help doing the deed.

Both dogs are poor representatives of their breeds and yet she gets 2500.00 a puppy. Insane to me.

I think it is a purebred apricot colored poodle. The clip is throwing people off. I had my toy clipped like this for about a year. It is popular because people say it makes them look like bear cubs.