Do you tip the partnership you have horse shares in at the holidays?

Do you tip the partnership you have racehorse shares in at the holidays? I have a small share in two horses that have done well this year, usually making me a little money each month (maybe $100-$200). They are a medium sized partnership, maybe 25-50 people a horse. I have a little bit of interaction with the two managers who are wonderful, see them in the paddock, at the races sometimes, and at the yearly get together. Thanks so much!

I’m from a different culture and in Europe we don’t tip massively for everything. If you feel they have provided you with fun and a little bit if a profit over the past year, I would give them a card and a small thoughtful gift rather than cash.

It is an interesting cultural thing, the attitude to money. I was once asked “Why is it wrong to give your grandmother money for Christmas?” during an undergrad interview.

Thanks Willes!