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Do you use an app to organize everything?

Vaccines, teeth, shoeing, deworming, meds, treatments–I’m looking for an app that will help me keep track of everything, and schedule future things as well. Do you have one you like? I don’t mind a subscription if it’s really helpful. Thanks.

I use Google calendar to schedule and track everything. But I only have 3 horses. It’s pretty easy to set up and I typically add appts and reminders in Dec for the following year.


No. I have a paper calendar in the barn where I keep track of all horse stuff. I buy one every year from this site --the pictures make me smile.



Equitracker can manage the routine stuff, although I’m not sure about meds. But I use it for farrier, dewormer, vaccines, etc.

No, I am old and old school. I use a big dry erase white board. And for reminders and to-do-todays I send myself an email with the task or to-do as the subject. When done I just trash it.


another paper calendar user

just have found it is more reliable than a crashed computer or a something stored on the cloud that blew away in the last storm


I just use a little notebook or paper calendar and my chalk boards at the barn (chalk markers FTW! for long lasting stuff)

I can’t do digital. If I don’t physically write it down, it doesn’t stick in my brain

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Another that uses Google Calendar.

You can synch it to all your devices. You can put in weekly, monthly or yearly or even second Tuesday of the month over whatever.

You can copy in notes. Add your own notes or speak and use the microphone.

Nope. Dry erase board with each horses name written on the left and “shoeing” “dewormer” “teeth” and “vaccines” written across the top.
Easy to write a date in the open box for each item.
And on each stall I used dry erase magnet sheets and used a label maker to write names, turnout schedules and feeding/supplement regime for each and cut them in strips so it’s easy to add and remove things on each horses sheet if needed and doesn’t get accidentally erased like a marker would.


I’m an avid user of cloud services for damned near everything, but find it most convenient to keep horse stuff on a calendar in the barn. I use this one, for the space it affords each day:


Nope…don’t use apps for anything. I make the appointment and write it on the calendar hanging on the kitchen wall

The nice thing about having my calendar electronically is I can set up reminders either weeks out or days out. So if I need to schedule for fall shots, 2 months out I get a notification to email the vet and schedule. I can attach shot records, and notes I want to remember while vet is there. Then I can share the calendar appt with the vet that shows all the things I want to cover.

Same with my farrier, I can share calendar appts with them as well. So if Dobbin is experiencing heel pain or vet wants to try something new based on X-rays, I add it to notes and share the appt with farrier that has details and access to X-rays.

It just requires service provider to have a gmail account which is free.

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I use my google calendar for scheduled things (deworming, vet visits, injuries that occured, notable things, future reminders, etc) but I also have spiral notebooks for lists, contacts, passwords, thoughts, plans. I have a library of old spirals.

The only apps I use are weather apps and even they occasionally let me down.

Like another member, I still write everything on a big block calendar that sits next to the refrigerator so I see it every day -and the pictures are always great.

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I use a binder that holds all vet visit results and receipts. Made a nice homemade chart for vaccine tracking and due dates that is the first page in the folder. Each horse has a health folder to write vaccines and dewormer dates in or any other health information.

Same goes for the cats and dogs. Just have to look at the chart in the front to see any due dates. I try to keep everyone on the same schedule. Coggins always get renewed before hurricane season.


I started using Hippovibe this year, I like it alot, It is kind of expensive, at least I think so, I just have too many dang horses around. My boarder who lives in a different state likes it as I upload pictures to it and keep track of the farrier worming etc. My biggest thing is that it lets you keep track of who does what when, and you can upload pictures. IT is not perfect but it is pretty darn good.

Thank you! I hadn’t heard of that one–I’ll check it out.

I just use a pocket calendar and a spread sheet.

I look back in my amazon prime orders to see when i ordered wormers, etc. I look at my venmo for farrier.