Does anyone have a contact from CWD that can help me!

Hi, I ordered myself some so jump stirrup leathers from CWD during their Black Friday sale and when they came and I was surprised that they were too short! I ordered mediums and they are stamped medium, but when I measured them they have the measurements of smalls according to the size chart. I emailed the address on the cwd website (based in Wellington I believe) 3 times and didn’t receive a reply. I sent them a message on their Facebook page and after 2 days got a reply telling me to email the same Wellington address that still hasn’t returned my messages. I asked around and got a contact for the rep in San Diego, who actually returned my text, but she says she is new and that her iPad isn’t hooked up, so she can’t really help me yet. I left it alone over Christmas, but now this week she isn’t replying to my texts either

It has now been a month and I feel like I’ve REALLY tried to get what I ordered without making too many waves, but I’m now super frustrated!! So if any of you guys have a contact or can aid me in any way I would be SUPER HAPPY!!
Ps, I live in western Canada, but apparently there aren’t any reps up here any more

Maybe try the Colorado/Utah area rep if you are in western Canada? You should be able to find her on Facebook but PM me if you can’t.

I ordered boots off the website last week and got a notification that things might be delayed since they weren’t working over the Christmas break. So that may explain the slow response the OP is getting.

I would like to give the them benefit of doubt, but I ordered the leathers on Black Friday and tried to get it touch with them at least 3 weeks before Christmas. I’ve found a contact for the bc rep. I texted her yesterday, and hopefully she gets back to me sooner than what I have become accustomed to with this company.

I will NEVER buy anything of theirs again and my story has already taken 2 saddle sales away from them. I’m sure they don’t care, but I would hate for a friend to be in this position with a $8000 saddle and not just $300 stirrup leathers

I ordered stirrup leathers and less than two weeks later they went on sale for 25% off. I ordered another pair assuming I would just return the first pair. However, both pairs arrived without any paperwork whatsoever, which left me baffled as to how to proceed. Phone calls were useless.

In the end, I simply stuck the first pair in a box with a copy of the e-mail receipt that gave the order number and price, etc. I wrote a note that all attempts to contact CWD about the procedure for doing the return had been unsuccessful. To my surprise, a few days after I sent the box, I received an e-mail from a CWD rep acknowledging the return and letting me know I would see the credit in a day or so.

Happy ending.

I found the contact information for the bc rep and I’m working with her now. Apparently it has gone to the production manager, still waiting to hear about what their plans are. At least something is happening, but I’m still pretty frustrated that it’s taking so long :roll_eyes: