Does anyone have any experience with/insight on the Stubben Equi-soft girth?

I had a client ship in using one…it was always too loose. I had her get a stubben neoprene girth and it stays on better and the horse does not show any difference in her way of going.

If it works for the horse, why does it matter if it’s “too loose”? I ride with mine looser and it looks very loose on the sides but it is not loose on the sternum. The saddle doesn’t move at all. So why would I crank it tighter?

I worded it wrong…I was told the horse moved better with this type of girth…but she did not move any differently with the neoprene girth but I kept the saddle better balanced with the neoprene. The other girth made ME have to balance the saddle constantly because id would go off center.

Rode in it last night. My horse actually hated it. (He is always quite clear in his opinions ​​​​​) so I will be sending it back. I am fine with that, just as happy to not spend almost $400 on a girth but I would have if he liked it.

My horse and I LOVE the girth - he used to lay his ears back when I gently and slowly put on the girth and went from side to side to tighten it - still sort of do this as the sides should be adjusted evenly to center the girth - but no more laid back ears. He moves really well in it. Tried it on my other horse and did not see a difference…

Bogey- how is the Stubben neoprene girth any different than the other neoprene girths out there? I’m a big Stubben fan (I have a new Aramis, an 1894, and a Zaria Optiumum), so I guess I’m looking for excuses to buy a Stubben girth to match the saddles, but really, my horse goes just fine in a $39 SmartPak flexible breathable girth.

scruff I actually prefer this one but my clients friend is a Stubben rep. The reason I like the Kieffer the best is it is a bit thicker and does not have keepers to push the billets through like the Stubben, I am all about simple! LOL

Has anyone had a chance to compare the Stubben with the Total Saddle Fit Stretchtec?

My horse has been coming up a bit sore in under where the girth buckles lie in my (rather plain) leather girth. He’s much better in one that is fleece lined but I wouldn’t say the soreness is 100% gone. I borrowed a friend’s TSF Stretchtec and it seems to have a similar design to the Stubben, though it was more of a uniform tightness all around rather than tight on the sternum and looser on the sides (which was sort of what I was hoping for) but he did go well in it…will see tonight how tender he is.

Well, I might have to sell my 26 inch one and get a 28 or 30 - horse put on a lot of muscle in the past 6 months.Good news - bad news… PM me is interested - am looking for $275 + shipping.

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Wish I had checked this post a little earlier! Just ordered a 26" Equisoft from the UK. Price was excellent at $253 including shipping. Not sure how long it will take to get here. Anyway, at least if my horse doesn’t like it I can probably sell it for what I paid for it as it will be significantly cheaper than it is here in the US. However, I am really hoping she likes it - she is never very happy about girthing (and ulcers have been considered/addressed, but are not the issue) and is often just a little sore in the chest area during her bodyworker checkups. She also gets rubs/sores super easily so that is a challenge as well!

I have a 30-inch that I’m considering selling, but I need to figure out what saddle I’m going to be using first. My horse is very large. The actual padded girth section (not including the straps) is the same width in every length. Stubben just adds longer straps to make up the difference.

This seems like a bit of a design flaw. I think my 17.2 hand wide guy should have a larger bearing surface against his chest than an average width, 15.2 hand horse.

Just something to keep in mind if you are wondering about size.

LarkspurCO - THANKS for letting me know! I was looking for a wider padded section - It must work though as my boy does like the girth and I can feel it stretch when he take in a big breath!
Also, I will be visiting the Denver area on a barn search next week and be at the Symposium on the 23rd. Are you planning on attending?

Roni, glad I could help on the girth. This wasn’t obvious to me until I noticed that the replacement liners do not come in sizes ( Then it made sense why my straps are so much longer than all the photos. I have a leather and a neoprene liner.

Unfortunately, I will only be at the symposium on Saturday and Sunday.

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My Equi-Soft girth arrived this week and I rode in it tonight for the first time. The size is true to my previous non-elastic dressage girth. Construction is very nice and the leather liner is very nice. It’s a little tricky to get the tightness right - I was concerned about over tightening, so it was definitely too loose to start with and my mare was less than impressed, especially when it started shifting during the canter! Once I got the tightness correct, when she was already more than a little annoyed, however there were some awesome moments. Not sure if that was the girth or not!? No rubs, which is promising as they happen very easily on her.

Next ride will be a show Saturday! :open_mouth:

Oh, this is INTERESTING. Wonder Pony has the Shoulder Relief girth, and she’s a tiny bit girthy when I first tighten it. What really caught my eye is how this is supposed to be softer on the ribs. Wonder Pony is almost always tight through her rib cage. I figured it was just an us thing, but now I’m wondering if it’s an equipment thing.

Anyone else have this problem? Or thoughts on this potential problem?

are you talking about the TSF Shoulder Relief girth?

You know, I paid a lot of money for that dang thing but I swear every time I use it, my gelding (who is not girthy!) is a little funny walking off after mounting and tightening. At first I thought maybe he didn’t like that it sits in a different place than a normal girth, or maybe he was “out” somewhere, but he’s had plenty of chiro visits since, and I think it’s the girth. He’s 100% fine in the cheapo soft fleecie girth that I bought from Dover for $20…

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Ugh yes. Should’ve specified. It’s the TSF Shoulder Relief girth. Her saddles are fitted to her and checked every six months. She DOES tend to get a bit tight in her shoulders, but we do chiro and massage. The rib cage tightness seemed to just be her thing. We would do lateral work in warm up to loosen her, but now I’m wondering if the girth somehow contributes. Maybe I should flip her back to one of her old fleece girths and see if we get the same results

Rode again today at a show in the Equi-Soft and I think I’m sold. No tail swishing, no walking off while girthing while untied, and seemed more forward and relaxed despite the excitement of a show. Only change is the girth. Still no rubs either. She will see her bodyworker on Tuesday. She is usually tight in the pectoral muscles. Might be too soon to see a difference on this visit, but will be interesting to see if there is a difference at the next one.

Bumping this thread to see if CotH has any new opinions or experience with this girth.

My 5 yo WB seems to be kind of tight and tense in the muscles, including around her ribcage and gets a little touchy about her sides. Currently have her in a Mattes anatomic, and have used a LeMieux anatomic without a cover, a Schleese with a the wider sternum area (she did not seem to like) and a Fairfax. I’ve also been thinking about the Mikmar elastic girth, but it seems that the Equi-Soft might be the best for reducing pressure at the side ribs, so that’s what I’m leaning towards trying first.

I have one and love it. Took some getting used to, as far as not overtightening it. My horses like it and seem mo0re comfortable.