Does ANYONE here have Femeroacetabular Impingement?

Having surgery next week and have been told 3-6 months recovery and am dying to hear stories specifically from other riders. Surgeon and Dr’s aren’t familiar with the range of physical demands of riding (e.g. a meandering trail ride vs. a training session) and I’m wondering if a full ban on riding is really necessary or if I can ‘take it easy’ in the saddle after 12 weeks…

I have combined pincer cam impingement with ossified labral tissue and will be having arthroscopic bone shaving and repair.

I don’t have any insight for you but I’m following this because I may be in this boat in the near future. I have a labral hip tear with possible impingement. It isn’t showing up on my MRA scan though so insurance won’t cover surgery yet. Luckily, mine doesn’t hurt terribly when I ride so for now I’m just continuing on. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Have you read the “Joining the hip pain club” thread? Short answer is yes, lots of us have had FAI; that thread was extremely helpful to me as I went through my diagnosis and subsequent surgery.

I had a full labral reconstruction (+ bone shaving) rather than a repair so my post-op instructions were different: minimum 6 months before getting on a horse. I thought it would be harder but honestly I felt like another couple months in the grand scheme of things was nothing. My horse does have a spook so that was part of it too :grin:. I’m a little over a year out now and am close to 100%.

Yeah, check out the thread Risuena mentions. A whole lot of us have been through labral repair/reconstruction.

Don’t let anyone debride that labrum. You really want a reconstruction there.

Thank you, yes I had looked briefly at that thread but did not realize how much it has advanced over the years! It is amazing how many riders have suffered for so long.

Your story in particular Simkie has revealed an outcome I have not seen before. I’m sorry you’ve had to go through all of that. My surgeon specializes in FAI in young(er) people and has a researchgate account full of publications on the topic so I hope I’m in good hands.

I supposed what I am specifically wondering how long it took ppl to get back in the saddle at all, whether or not they were 100%. The timing for this is pretty awful - I just bought my horse and am moving across the country to where board is going to cost double what it is where I am currently. So having a better idea about timing and whether or not I can expect to be able to hop on and plunk around at 3 months will help me figure out if it’s worth it to ship him now or better to lease him out where he is while I recover.

Thank you all for your replies and willingness to indulge me even though it’s somewhat repetitive of the other thread :slight_smile:

The surgeon who did my reconstruction is considered the best reconstructionist in the country by many other well respected surgeons. Yes, go with the most skilled person you can find, but don’t assume that guarantees success.

Six months out of the saddle is reasonable.

What exactly are they doing with your ossified labrum? That needs a reconstruction. Many surgeons will debride instead, because they lack the skills to reconstruct. Don’t allow that to happen.

Three times so far. It was probably around 6 months until I was riding normally but less than 3 months until I was back on a horse again.

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Yep, two torn labrums with FAI on both sides. Seems it wasn’t just “muscle tightness” that wouldn’t let my legs move in certain ways.

I’m 2 months off surgery #2 and am going to get on my boy on Friday to just walk around. I doubt it will be very long, but I’ve healed super well and am pretty strong.

@fakeout I am currently 5 months post op FAI and labrum reconstruction. 30 years old. Hunter/jumper rider. Followed the rehab program 100%, once it ended it was suggested to never stop doing the stretches and exercises. Best advice ever. Two days go by without them and I am tight and miserable. I still have pain from healing and was cleared to walk/trot 3 months post op on a solid citizen. Nothing green. I did not lease out my horse and boy do I wish I had from the start. My training board cost is $1,800, should I have saved that money, probably. But also gave me the incentive to get back in the saddle ASAP. Unsure of your situation, if I had to do it again I would have leased her out to a lady in our program sooner. I was told I could get on at 6 weeks but my dr extended it after the surgery due to how much damage he could see once inside. Waking up to that news was devastating. Just my two cents. Hope you recover quick and are pain free soon. xx

Wondering how your ride went :slightly_smiling_face: Very hopeful I can get clearance to at least get on and walk 6-8 weeks out. Feeling pretty solid on day 5 but know it’s obviously too soon to say anything for sure.

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Thank you for this. I ended up not finding someone to lease… yet anyway. Thankfully my board is $400/month but it is co-op so I’ve had to pay someone to take over my chores for a few weeks. There was no one local looking for a lease I was happy with so instead have friends I trust who are hopping on and taking the odd lesson here and there to keep him moving.

I know it can be up to 6 months or longer for some so really hoping I get the same kind of go ahead as you. Will definitely be religious about the rehab. Where are you at now at 5 months?

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It went well! I just walked around for ~5 minutes because I didn’t want to make myself too sore. Repeat the next day. Today I’m going to do the same thing plus add in one small trot loop.

Already my trainer sees a difference. She said “you looked so braced before, but now you can move”. She thought I was just kind of uptight. Nope, my hips literally were locked into place.


My rehab program was 12 weeks. But honestly still glad I never stopped the stretches and balancing exercises. Today is the first day I have no residual pain from the incisions and healing. Was finally cleared to walk trot at 3 1/2 months. Just got cleared to canter today.

Glad to hear your healing ! I stopped using the crutches sooner than recommended because I felt so great post op. However it does help you stop twisting with your weight on the surgical leg. Wishing you happy pain free rides soon!! :slight_smile:

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That is great! Glad your feeling better!!!