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Does anyone know anything about Tolga saddles for the Hunter ring?

I have a new student whom we are saddle shopping for. She’s a tall girl with a long hip to thigh and definitely needs a forward flap. Put that together with years of dressage training and anything that can help her keep her leg underneath her with shorter stirrups and keep her hip angle closed is a serious plus. I recommended they look for one of my typical favorites (Antares, CWD, Voltaire, etc). They found a Tolga saddle online, which is apparently made in Brussels. Looks nice enough, and the owner compared it to an Antares, but I’ve never heard of them? Does anyone have experience with these in the Hunter ring, or know anything about them? Good or bad experiences? Google searches aren’t giving me much! TIA

I’ve heard from highendusedsaddles (who I trust) that they’re a good brand, comparable to children or the lower level french brands.

Tolga saddles are on-par with the French brands and ride pretty similarly; retail on them is $3500+.

I have never seen one in the US but some Canadian sellers on ebay seem to have them. Let us know what they’re like if your student ends up with one.

Several people in my area of Virginia have them and love them - very comparable to the other French brands - soft grippy leather, deep seats and lots of padding :slight_smile:

My trainer has one and I love it. Very comfortable and well-balanced. If you find one that fits you, I wouldn’t hesitate to go for it.

I have a Tolga saddle and have used it in the hunter ring in Canada at A shows for the last few years. Love it and find that it fits a wide variety of horses (Oldenberg, TB, Holsteiner)

Here’s a link to the Canadian distributor for Tolga - HorseSmart International, one of the saddle pages:


Showed in a Tolga saddle belonging to my trainer last year! Hers had a super deep seat, lots of padding, however probably a better saddle for jumpers in the long run. It was incredibly comfortable for me and was suitable for the hunters.