Does anyone know anyting about the Tex Tan Bramha Brand line of Saddles?

Hey all,

I bought a few saddles super cheap to flip and the one advertised as a “no name/brand” actually has a mark on each fender that says Tex Tan of Yoakum Brahma Brand. The seal looks real to me. Both fenders are stamped and the skirt, right behind the cantle is 681.

From what I can find, they’re not all that common to be stamped on both fenders, and they were made in teh 60’s and 70’s. I have also heard that Kenway in Calgary sold them when Tex Tan purchased Kenway. I also know that the Bramha Brand line was their lower end but they were still quality saddles. I see others that are very similar, retailing for $350+

There isn’t a whole lot of information to go on, so I’m not quite sure what to believe.



I think I’d’ve done my research BEFORE I bought the saddles with an idea of flipping them. I’ve heard of both Tex Tan and Circle Y of Yoakum but don’t know anything about Tex Tan of Yoakum. I would suggest going to their website and asking them about your saddles.

Good luck.

I did do my research before I purchased. The other was a Jesse Toney and I did plenty of research on that one. This one was labeled “NO NAME/BRAND” and was pretty dirty when I purchased it. The reason I bought this one along with the Jesse Toney is because it was solid, older styled which I like, and the tree was in great shape. The whole saddle was in good shape for being improperly stored for a long time. The seller fell on hard times and I wanted to help her out too.

Upon closer inspection in good light, after a GOOD cleaning, is when I found the seals. They were quite faded.

Tex Tan and Hereford Tex Tan are permanently closed. It takes weeks/months to hear back from them, if there is anyone working for them anymore at all.

I thought I would try here because of the sheet amount of people that frequent these threads.

Interested to know if you found out anymore information on your saddle. I also have a Brahma Tex tan saddle stamped in both fenders. I would have to look to see what # is stamped on it. It is pretty old. I have been using it since I was 10 I am mid 50’s now. I have also heard that it was pretty rare for both fenders to be stamped.
Would love to know if there is anymore info available.

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No matter what it sure cleaned up right!

They are nice saddles that hold their value well. I consider them a well recognized name brand.