Does anyone know if the Westminister dog show is going to happen?

I don’t see it listed anywhere. Looks like something in December maybe.

As of the latest update from the Westminster Kennel Club back in January- it is still going on in June but in Tarrytown. The AKC has been leaving it up to the individual clubs to cancel shows and while I only pay attention to performance and obedience events, it’s been a mixed bag on the east coast of who cancels and who pushes ahead but I imagine they’re going to try to hold it afterall.

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WKC has chosen to hold the show in June at Lyndhurst Estate in Tarrytown, NY. This is a beautiful venue. Show is slated for June 11-13. which is a Friday - Sunday event. I assume only daylight hrs. since it would be outside.


Yep! I am considering entering my dog only because of the location! He’s a competitive dog but I would never drag him into Manhattan for WKC. But for Lyndhurst Estate…maybe. :slight_smile:


Please let us know if you do enter and share your impressions of the event and the results when June finally arrives.


I will. He needs to lose 3 lbs and get a few serious haircuts in between now and then…but I’m tempted. I haven’t had him in the show ring in over a year, so I might have to do some practice. The better option would be to get his breeder to show him, but I think he might have a few other dogs that are more likely to win. But…they may not send them from CA for WKC this year, so maybe.

I just want to go to Lyndhurst Estate. Who cares about the dog show. LOL.

WKC tends to be a pro handler exhibition. I have no issue with that, really. There are very few big upsets at WKC…if my dog won the breed it would be a huge upset because I have not been showing him. (He’s actually sterile, that’s why). But I would normally never enter WKC anyway. I can’t think of a worse experience for a dog that is not shown often - the over-crowded, multi-day Manhattan affair…ugh. My dog would be the one that gets dismissed just like in Best in Show.


Christopher Guest’s “Best in Show.” One of the funniest movies, at least for dog fanciers! I find it to be very accurate in many ways! Yes, I believe it takes a seasoned show dog to cope with the WKC experience. Altho I have attended as a spectator, the one time I had a dog entered I was at home. He was shown by co-owner and with no competition did get the BOS ribbon. I have the photo on the wall still, from some yrs. ago. Needless to say, he was a rare breed with few entries!