Does anyone need 5 mini ponies? Virginia; 5 for auction

I’m not affiliated with this person or this auction, but it popped up on my Facebook today.
They are auctioning off 5 mini ponies. It appears the owner died and they decided to liquidate the estate.
Maybe someone in the Middleburg area can provide a soft landing? They are currently sitting at $1 each……


Those minis are really, really cute. And outside of being a bit plump and toes a little long, they look to be in good shape. I hope a good home gets them.

I always wonder, are there reserves on these type of auctions? I see these with listings that are often dirt cheap.

In this case no. Damewood doesn’t do reserves; so if no one bids they may go for a very small price. Which makes me worry about kill buyers.

Oi. I’ll see if I can’t share their info around as well.

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I dont think minis go to slaughter. There’s just not enough meat on them.


Kill buyers don’t buy minis because the slaughter houses aren’t set up to process their small size. Plus there are several other very good reasons to do with transport that I won’t go into. For the people who will claim that freelance slaughterers will slaughter anything, since they do it by hand.

More likely the danger is that they end up with a backyard owner who knows nothing about minis and thinks of them as a toy hobbyhorse.


The most dangerous time in the life of many animals, particularly those seen as pets, is if their owner dies. Sometimes no one steps up for them and they can end up at shelters and/or in places that their late owner would never have wanted.

Write down options for your animals in the event something happens and you can no longer care for them. Make sure your instructions are where someone will find it at need. Don’t count on friends and/or family members to take them in. Sometimes it doesn’t happen.


Interesting. These minis belonged to Robert L “Sam” Huff, the linebacker of NFL and College Football Halls of Fame. He played with the Washington Redskins and New York Giants back in the 60’s during the era of Vince Lombardi. Apparently, he was also a long time horse racing and equestrian enthusiast and helped establish the West Virginia Breeders Classic. Those little minis look like they were well cared for and I hope they land softly in knowledgeable homes. If I wasn’t on the wrong coast…


With the interest they are getting, with luck there will be a bidding war for them.

They are cute. You might change the thread title to something like “5 minis at auction in VA” or something that might attract more local buyers and not suggest that they need to take all five.

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Will they be auctioned as one lot, or separately?

They are listed separately.

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I don’t need a mini but gosh they are cute. Plus they have what looks like a nice mini driving cart.

They look like quality miniature horses too. Decent conformation. Not the horrible dwarf things that so often turn up on social media (and real life rescues) as “so Cuuuutttteee!”

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OMG and one is a stallion. Who else thinks the mares are buy one; get on free???

They are super cute. If I could get them it fit in the back of the Subi I would drive down and get one.

I would most definitely assume they are all preggers.

I really am curious as to how this situation came about though. I have never seen this auction company list live animals before. They usually do antiques and sometimes farm equipment. There’s several auction houses in the area that exclusively do animals/livestock.

That little stud is FAT!

None of them are hurting for food.

The black and white paint gelding is super cute.

I’ve got my eye on the show cart. You guys can fight over the little guys.

Just saw the minis went for between 775 and 1,300… at those prices they probably ended up in good (enough) hands… I hope.

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