Does anyone print/mail a dressage catalog in the US any longer?

Good morning and happy New Year’s Eve to all!

I’m re-entering a dressage-specific training regime with my horse and previously received the Dover Saddlery catalog as well as Dressage Extensions to supply all my related needs. Call me old-school, but I don’t like shopping from a browser… I want to flip through pages!

I contacted both companies prior to Christmas and both informed me they no longer mail catalogs. :frowning: Is there any merchant out there with a good representation of dressage needs that still prints and mails a catalog in (or to) the United States?

Thank you in advance for your replies! My fingers are crossed that you have some recommendations!


I can’t imagine why they would. It’s expensive, when you could provide everything by download/website. Should a retailer do that, they would have to charge more to cover the expense.


Also super wasteful of both paper, printing material, and fossil fuels for mailing.


Wow. I am surprised that Dover does not have a print catalog they will mail you. I can see not having mass mailings anymore but not having a print catalog at all seems weird.

Did you check with SmartPak?

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I got a DE catalog this year.


I get DE catalogs and Dover sales catalogs. Are they no longer?


That’s weird. I got a DE catalog in the past month or two, and it was the first one I’d gotten in ages.


Interesting. I used to get Dover catalogs in the mail at least once or twice a year after getting on their mailing list by purchasing something online. It doesn’t seem like that long ago, but I guess I can’t remember when I received the last one.

ETA: I just recalled that Dover definitely sent a catalog in Fall ‘20. Maybe they only send to customers who have ordered recently?

SmartPak definitely still sends catalogs every season or so, but they are slim volumes and mainly just have SmartPak brand products. Not nearly as much fun!


I do receive the SmartPak catalog, yes! It’s just not as all-encompassing as DT and Dover are.

Thank you to the folks that are still getting DT and Dover! I appreciate you sharing- I’ll just have to get an order in I guess of some small things I need and wait for a catalog! :slight_smile:

Happy New Year everyone! May you find health, happiness, and kindness.


Dover has a link to their fall catalog on their website.

Not the same as flipping thru a paper catalog but similar to it.

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I bet if you called them they’d be thrilled to send a catalog to someone who actually wants one! :rofl: Happy New Year to you too!


Happy New Year and welcome to COTH!

Have you contacted Bit of Britain to see if they mail catalogs? For some reason the posted link says Eventing but their site also says Dressage.

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Thank you kindly! I’d forgotten about them and will see if I can get in touch with them after the holiday.

For those who said they got Dover and DT catalogs still, I phoned them this afternoon (previously I’d just used the “live chat” features on their respective websites) and the kind CSR said she’d put in a catalog request for me (I am a past repeat customer).

Thank you so much for your help!


Many people recycle them.

I’m more likely to order, and order more items, when I have a print catalog on hand.


Recycling doesn’t replace the environmental impact of mailing, and most of our “recycling” is shipped to third world countries because we don’t want to deal with it ourselves.

Wasteful printing shouldn’t be happening, whether you personally prefer it or not, if there is a digital alternative available. There is only one Earth that we get.


Thank you!

May you find health, happiness, and kindness as well – and a new catalog when it comes! :slight_smile:

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Same!!! The kind CSR at Dover said the same thing when I phoned them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a beautiful weekend everyone! I am headed to the barn. :blue_heart:

I receive a print catalog, and you don’t. I say we’re even, and the sun will still come up tomorrow.

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