Does my MIPS helmet fit?

I upgraded to a MIPS helmet from my Tipperary, so got the Uvex Exxential in Jan. It felt good, I could shake my head, bend over and shake again, and the helmet didn’t slip or feel loose/uncomfortable. It has a dial to tighten/loosen it. There’s been a couple times where horse I was on spooked or popped over a fence funny, where the helmet either slipped slightly back or came down a bit in the front. This doesn’t seem right. If I make the helmet SUPER tight, even a hard jerk doesn’t move it. But it is way too uncomfortable to ride in it like this for long. Even if I loosen it one click, then a hard jerk can displace it slightly.

Is this a MIPS thing or does this helmet NOT fit my head? I know the interiors are designed to shift slightly on impact. I’ve felt good in it for months, then I’ll have and unexpected shift, like on XC with a greenie last week. PS: I’ve been riding for over 30 yrs, have had many helmets that never did this. I have an oval head and have comfortably worn Ovation, Tipp, IRH helmets over the years.

My TraumaVoid EQ3 did the same exact thing and I also had never had that issue before. I ended up deciding the fit was incorrect. It also felt loose on the sides (I could rock it side to side more than I would like) and would make my forehead sore if I wore it for over an hour or so. I bought a OneK in Long Oval instead and it fits much better, so for me I think it was a head shape issue.

That’s interesting @Libby2563. Mine doesn’t feel loose on the sides. Except for about 3 instances over the past 6 months, it feels like it fits 95% of the time…until it doesn’t. I had tried my friends OneK last year when I learned about the MIPS technology. That brand definitely didn’t fit me as well as my Uvex. I still have my Tipp and it’s not very old so I may just go back to it. The fit of my Uvex isn’t bad, but I don’t want to worry about it slipping as show season is here.

The random slipping would (and did) concern me too! Are you on Facebook? There is a MIPS group there (started by @Xctrygirl) and there have been some posts on this exact topic. It might be a good resource for you.

Thank you!

Direct link to the group so you know where to go :slight_smile: I think nearly all the MIPS helmet reps are on the page too, along with a number of retailers with lots of experience fitting.

Thanks for this ^. I think I’ve already come to the conclusion that my helmet doesn’t fit well enough to keep using it. A “standard” helmet that fits great and never shifts is probably better than a MIPS that does. Maybe next year if LRK3D resumes with vendors, I can go there and try a bunch of MIPS helmets in one place. Now that I know how to replicate a quick, short shake to my head to replicate a spook :slightly_smiling_face:

My MIPS helmet fits me (fitted by a trained person) - but it sort of creaks as I move my head. I usually don’t notice when I’m concentrating on other things but every now and then I hear the odd creaking sound.