Does Western Horseman Magazine Still Exist?

I ordered a 2 year script a while back. Then got the invoice and paid it and sent the check in the envelope they sent with it. I just got the envelope with the check back. Returned. Can’t remember what it said. Never received a magazine either.

I am still getting it, have all issues since they started publishing it in 1936.
The old stories on the old foundation horses are wonderful.
Have you tried calling them?

I give their calendars as gifts every Christmas and called the other day to get some.
They are advertised in their August issue, but they told me they won’t be out until October.
No one mentioned they are not publishing any more?

Todays magazine website:

Thanks Bluey

Last time I had a check returned with no explanation I realised I hadn’t signed it. Duh.

The envelope wasn’t even open

Ive been getting mine…
I know they’ve had issues with their subscriptions.
Might try calling them 1-800-877-5278

Got 2 issues today with another bill. 2 years for $31