Dog ear cleaning disaster?

Hello. I am seriously concerned with my little Rat Terrier at the moment. She had been itching one of her ears and it smelled of yeast, so I went to clean it with some solution the vet gave me a few months ago. I’ve used this solution before and never had problems. Well, when I used it today, the dog reacted badly. She let me clean her ears as usually with a q-tip and cotton rounds. It all went downhill afterwards. Her ears started to get very irritated and blood red. She is constantly shaking her head and rubbing her ears on the carpet. She will not stop walking around and rolling around while shaking her head and shes driving her self mad. Panting really hard and constantly getting water. I assumed that she still had solution in her ears, but when I used a cotton round again, it came out dry. Anyone know what might have happened? She has never had this type of reaction before.

It sounds like she might have an infection (e.g., the yeasty smell, inflamed ear canal, panting and increased water intake). Also, if she’s been scratching the ear, she may have injured herself where you can’t see it. Unfortunately, it also sounds like your ear cleaning attempts (or the solution that you used) might have made things worse. I’d get on the phone with the vet and book an appt ASAP — like today. Ear infections (if that’s what it is) are nothing to fool around with. I’d also check the solution bottle (what was it, btw?) for expiration dates and/or ingredients that might have inadvertently worsened the situation. While you’re there, I’d also ask the vet (or a tech) to check your ear cleaning technique. Good luck.


Take her to the vet instead of wasting time here. Clearly your pet is very uncomfortable and in distress. Ear infections, if that is what she has, are very painful.

That sounds like a very scary reaction.


Please update us on what the vet says!

Okay first things first. The only reason I posted on here is because it was late at night and the vet wasn’t open. I thought maybe some people on the west coast might be up and know what was going on. Secondly, this morning, the dog was sleeping peacefully and shaking was at a minimum once she woke up. I called the vet and they said that when I cleaned them, her ears were just very irritated due to the small yeast infection. They said if she is still shaking tomorrow, I should bring her in, but for now, she is only shaking once in a while. We think that I may have just rubbed against her ear a bit harshly with one of the cotton swabs on accident and her ear was just a bit irritated. I’ll update if she ends up going to the vet :slight_smile:

I’m glad to hear it’s not a big deal! That did sound like a scary reaction and, of course, just the sort of thing that happens after hours :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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