Dog Food - Earthborn Holistic or Fromm?


i am looking for the BEST food for my 3 year old shih-poo. Cost does not matter , he eats 1/4 cup twice a day!

i prefer a lower protein/phosphorous content as he has had kidney “issues” (elevated BUN, all else normal, no symptoms) in the past. Vet said just to monitor, and be conscientious.

My question - which is better? Earthborn Holistic (i feed this currently, meadow feast) or Fromm?

Background - I’ve been feeding Earthborn Meadow Feast for almost 2 years. Hes done fine on it … he does have some allergies/itching on it, but no clue if it is food related. I recently read some reviews that dogs were getting sick on meadow feast, and they are investigating. That sparked my curiosity on other foods, and then i thought the itchy might be food related.

It is important to me the food be USA and ALL NATURAL. I would prefer organic but can’t find that stuff.

Thoughts? Opinions? All appreciated!

Best, in part will depend on what they will eat and how they do. Every single food recommendation will have dogs that won’t eat it or don’t do well on it.

I feel a combination of Fromm Small Breed Adult + The Honest Kitchen for my two Border Terriers. They both inhale it and seem to do well on it… no runs, no excessive scratching etc.

He will eat ANYTHING! Thats why i want to make sure i’m feeding the BEST.

There is no such thing as best. Many foods have the same rating but have different ingredients.

If you’ve narrowed it down to two, and your dog likes them both equally - choose the one that is easier to find (e.g. might be available at more than one store local to you.) Nothing more aggravating than finding it unavailable the day you need it.

I posted on the trendy food thread about my experience with Earthborn’s cat food. I will not feed their products. I dont have experience with Fromm personally but have friends that feed it and have been happy with results.

I feed Fromm and have for a long time. Currently have three dogs eating it. They are a good company.

I’ve fed Acana to our four for a few years after trying many of the top brands. They thrive on it. Orijen is the other line produced by Champion out of Canada. Check out You will find the answers you seek there. It has, I believe, saved us a lot in vet bills and anxiety over what to feed our four legged family.

I’d go with one of Acana’s limited ingredient/novel protein kibbles, personally.

I’ve been feeding Fromm Salmon a la veg to my Border Terrier x (female, 8 months old). I switched her from Natural Balance to Fromm at 4months due to her sensitive stomach (intermittent diarrhea) and itchy skin. She’s greatly improved on the Fromm though lately she’s been turning up her nose at the Salmon a la veg so I’m switching her over to Duck and Sweet Potato (same 4-star line as the Salmon). Can’t say enough good things about Fromm. Good luck!

I’ve been feeding Fromm for 2 yrs now. My dogs love it and look great. It’s good because you can switch recipies. I buy one large bag a month for $80. Every 14th bag is free at my pet store.

ETA I have 2 large breed dogs.

I love Fromm and have been feeding it for years as well. Our dog loves the variety and the flavors (but she’s never been fond of any of the fish based ones of theirs or any other product either, but loves salmon when we feed it to her when we cook it)

There was a study done recently and Fromm rated as among the Top Ten best dog food manufacturers in North America, based on recalls, issues, etc

Wouldn’t change away from it. Its a first rate manufacturer that puts out a terrific product

It’s going to be hard to find THE BEST. There are lots of good foods and it depends what your animals need. I’ve had my large breed dog on Fromm’s large breed adult for three years and she does great on it. I just switched my medium size dog to the Fromm’s whitefish (from another brand) because he needed a lower protein food. The whitefish is one of just a few lower protein, good quality foods I was able to find. I like the Frooms food because it’s been around for a long time; it’s not like some of the trendy ones that come and go. And it doesn’t seem too hard to find. The Frooms website has nutritional info for all their foods (and it’s one of the best sites I’ve ever seen - they have great graphics) so you can see which ones suit your needs. I have never had a small dog so I don’t know if their nutritional needs are different than that of medium or large dogs.

If your dog has had itching I’d give a new food a try. Or you might just need some fish oil or a similar supplement that will help dry skin.

There are an overwhelming number of brands and types of foods out there. I believe in feeding a good diet but I also keep thinking about the dogs I had when I was growing up. They ate the cheapest, junkiest food and lived to be 16 years old without getting cancer, diabetes, etc.