Doggie Dreams

My dog frequently makes noises while she dreams - whines, yaps, growls, sighs. These are all noises she makes when awake. Last night she howled like a wolf. Second time in the 8 years we’ve had her that she has done this. She has NEVER howled while awake. Any ideas of what she possibly could be dreaming about? Some primordial instinct?

My granddaughter, age four, thought their dog was have a seizure and ran to get her mama to help. The dog was asleep and dreaming. Granddaughter decided that their dog was running through a field protecting her and her brother from some random danger.

My dog wakes me up most nights dreaming. She mostly twitches but will occasionally whine. The howling your dog did would probably scare the crap out of me if I was asleep when it happened.

Full moon tomorrow (the 14th) this one is referred to as the Full Strawberry Moon. Maybe your dog is just excited with anticipation


I always wonder if I should wake up my dog when I hear him growling and barking in his dreams. Is he in trouble and barking and growling at a bad thing and he needs help but is by himself?

Or is he having a great time?

He actually moves more in his dreams (running) than he does while awake (he’s 12)

My female who wimpers and woo woos in her sleep is a very quiet dog awake and again I wonder if she is barking in her dreams, is she in “danger” and waking her would stop the nightmare?

I just let them be, but I do wonder if they need help.

My Lab will wag his tail in his sleep sometimes, I so wish I knew what was making him happy in his dream state (food? birds? people?)

He is low key even in his dreams. He will twitch but never ever run in his sleep. My dog is very quiet while awake so I I’m always curious if he is living out his woofing desires in his sleep :).

I have found my big dogs are quite vocal and active when dreaming. Our 2 smaller dogs ( thankfully since on our bed) don’t seem to have dreams like that.

One of my cats used to do that. She would definitely be “running” (little legs going going going), she would make these faint meows and little growls and several times would yowl really loud. The other cats would just look at her like huh? I wish I had a phone then because it would have made a great video.

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He may be dreaming about you.

Our dog will twitch, whine, snuffle, growl and sometimes bark in her sleep. Mr Yankee caught has caught her wagging her tail in her sleep too!

@MunchingonHay I always wake her up with a soft name call and scratches/pets. My theory is that I have 1) saved her from a nightmare or 2) woken her up from a good dream. But she came from a ditch in rural NC, so all of her life is a dream now lol. Worst case is that she wakes up with a full belly, in the middle of a fancy foam/innerspring mattress, her two humans with her (sometimes she’s on the couch, while we watch “Top Chef”). Either way, good dreamland and awake land are happy comfortable places!


I like that. Everywhere is happy.