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dogs outside

ok so i have an outside dog and 2 inside dogs. i am going away for the weekend and want to make it easy on my mom who is going to be looking after the dogs by putting them all outside. my biggest concern is the night time temps. its been high 60s to low 70s durring the day and 30s to 40 at night.

outside dog (ACD) is used to being outside and has really dense coat and does best in cold weather and he has a dog house and blankets that he uses if he needs them/wants to.

two inside dogs (boxer, boxer/lab/pit mix) are not use to being out in the cooler weather and that is what concerns me. are they smart enough to use blankets and dog house if they get cold? should i cover their dog kennels and put them outside where and put blankets inside them so they can cuddle up if necessary?

any tips i can do to make them comfortable i will only be away one night. or should i arrange for them to stay inside and be let out durring the day only (harder on my mom but doable)?

Personally I would not leave dogs out overnight if not used to it. Too many things that I would worry about.

Get a dog sitter to stay with them, board them, or have a pet sitter come in 3 times a day to feed/play/take out. Don’t leave them out all night.

Do they use the kennels normally, even if they don’t stay in overnight? Do you kennel them all day, for example, or ever in the winter?

If not, I agree that it’s not a good idea. They may pace outside all night or bark all night.

they stay outside in the summer all day/overnight all the time but its not cold. just concerned about the cooler temps really.

my mom has agreed to let them out durring the day and put them inside at night and back out once the temp warms up the next day.

Thank you for your responses.