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Don’t buy from justriding.com

Terrible experience with them and hoping this can maybe save someone else the headache…

In the beginning of January I ordered a pair of Tucci tall boots from them. I read some questionable threads about them on here but decided to order anyway because the price is much better than buying from US retailers. Don’t make my mistake, listen to COTH :expressionless:

I was told the delivery time was 10 weeks. So I expected them sometime in April. Got strung along for 8 MONTHS, multiple times being assured of a new ship date (usually the next week) and each one proving to be inaccurate… in April was even told my boots were “on hand”! And would be shipped in the next day or so. Did not receive them until September.

Mind you, I ordered a size based on their assistance and recommendation. When the boots finally arrived after 8 months they didn’t even come close to fitting. Like, zipped maybe two inches up my ankle. I even remeasured my legs to make sure they hadn’t dramatically changed in the months from when I ordered. When I emailed them back they insisted that “they should fit perfectly” and I had to send them photographic evidence that the boots were in no way ever going to come close to fitting.

They agree to take the boots back and refund me, won’t send me a return label, instead saying I need to pay for the return shipping and would add that amount to my refund. I pack everything up and send it on its way.

The boots were delivered back to them nearly 6 weeks ago. I emailed after a few weeks checking on the refund status. They said it would hit my account “soon.” Last week, still nothing, so I sent another email asking again. So that brings me to today… still no refund, so I’m still out the full amount for the boots plus over $100 it took to ship them back to Poland.

Just don’t do it


I’m sorry this happened to you. You might try disputing it using your credit card company.


I don’t believe I can because of how long it took them to be delivered. I paid for them in January

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Call your credit card company. Explain the entire situation to them. They should go after the company. It never hurts to ask!


I agree…it’s been on going. I’d ask.


Update as of 11/17, still no refund!

Realized that I originally paid through PayPal so I am going to try to dispute through them. I’m guessing I won’t get the money back for return shipping though, since that wasn’t included in the original purchase price. So I’ll likely still be out over $100.

Terrible company and customer service, can’t reiterate enough how strongly I advise against anyone doing business with them. This is theft…