Dorothee Schneider accident

This is a horrible, traumatic event and I can’t even begin to imagine how awful it is for everyone connected to the horse and to Dorothee. I hope she isn’t critically injured and that she makes a full and speedy recovery.

And yes, it may be too soon but I can’t help remembering that she was one of the 151 international riders who signed a petition protesting the FEI’s mandatory helmet rule at GP. This horrific accident could just as easily have happened during her test as during the awards ceremony, and no amount of horse training or rider skill could have prevented it. An excellent reminder of why the helmet rule must apply at all levels.


The article says she was not injured but was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

Weird, because Eurodressage is reporting she was “visibly injured but conscious,” and was taken to hospital. Either way, I hope she’s ok. A horrific way to lose a horse

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How horrible. Reminds me of Eric Lamaze with Hickstead :sweat:.


Yes it is awful. It reminds me of the death of the show jumper Hickstead.

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Further down the article said she was in shock and had minor bruises. So I’m guessing it was “better safe than sorry” with respect to sending her to be checked out.

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What a horrible, horrible shock that must have been!!

" [Reiter-Journal] reported that dressage rider and doctor by profession, Klaus Steisslinger, immediately gave first aid to Schneider, who was then transported by ambulance to the local hospital for a check-up. The 51-year old rider was in shock and sustained minor bruises."

Damn, that’s awful! Maybe 20 years ago, a hunt master locally was killed when his horse collapsed & died out from under him. I pray that this will change her mind regarding helmets. Truly will never understand the aversion to helmets some folks have. It takes so little to cause a life altering injury or worse. I’ve mentioned it on COTH before – a neighbor’s child died from a brain aneurysm the day after what was by all accounts an unremarkable childhood fall – standing still & fell to a wooden floor. Several years before we met, my (helmetless) SO survived what doctors said should’ve been an unsurvivable motorcycle crash. He hasn’t gone near a motorcycle since & would put a helmet on his toddler daughter just to pull her around the neighborhood in a wagon. This, despite being an extremely fit, adrenaline junky with a high risk job. He freely admits that he should be dead & will never tempt fate again.


That is just awful. :frowning: I am right there with you, Big Mama on the helmet thing, though. It is so weird to me that people seem to hate them so much. What’s the big deal?

I’m extremely glad she wasn’t hurt bad. I hope she does reflect on that issue.


The German press is reporting that she has a broken collarbone but hopes to be healed in time for the Olympic trial shows.