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Dove grey/ light grey breeches

Anyone have a favorite brand? I have a FITS pair, and they are great, but looking to try something else. Full seat, light enough for recognized USEA events.

I’m just so over white breeches!


I’ve been looking for the same thing but haven’t found anything I want to pull the trigger on yet. Contemplating the Equestrian Stockholm in Paloma. Kind of a grey tan color.

I seem to be able to find a lot of dark or charcoal gray, but light is elusive!


Another person here looking for the same thing. I feel like the demand is there, not sure why the supply doesn’t seem to match.


Light grey is a difficult colour to achieve. It can look like white washed by mistake with a darker colour, lol!

I have these breeches and I have to say it’s an odd colour to style if you care about coordinating. The description says warm beige undertones and I have to say my eye sees a lot of the beige when I start to put it with various coloured tops. I like it with my le mieux rioja gear, but don’t like it with navy, for example. It works fine with a white show shirt and black jacket, though, which could be what you’re looking for anyway. I know this pair specifically would be darker than what you are looking for, but I figured it’s good food for thought to consider the undertones.

They do have this colour (smoke) which might meet your needs?

ETA: Whoops… you said full seat. So the Struck Smoke won’t help you in your hunt for breeches, unfortunately :frowning:

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I switched to grey for HTs a few years ago and haven’t looked back. :wink: I had to search, buy, and return A LOT to find what I wanted but landed on Pikeur Lugana breeches in light grey. These aren’t exactly the same but look similar: https://www.doversaddlery.com/pikeur-lugana-microfibre-fs/p/X1-35231/. I got them on major sale though and did not pay $280 for them!

I think they work really well for both dressage and jumping:


Thank you @Libby2563! I will search for those on sale!

Thank you! The smoke is a beautiful color and exactly what I’m looking for, but yes, sadly need full seat.

Also, in the interest of helping the community, here is the FITS pair that I have and love. They are pricey but they have frequent sales. I find that they come clean if you don’t follow the care instructions and use real detergent . . . Of course, I’m sure that’s going to impact the longevity of the leather patches (a reason that I have started searching for alternatives): https://fitsriding.com/collections/breeches/products/performax-zip-front-slash-pocket-full-seat-breech-sahara?variant=32150842867754.

Here they are in action:

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Romfh Sarafina had a mist grey that is now discontinued. If you happen to be a size 30, Carousel Tack has a pair on clearance.

I have a pair of B Vertigo breeches in dove grey:

Lightweight and comfortable, but the pockets are not actually useful (esp for the sizes of phones nowadays) if that’s a concern to you. Also, they’re just one shade darker than I’d really like for my show gear-- I think they’d look great with a brighter coat than I have (hunter green that ends up looking black in comparison to the breeches).

Edited to add: they also run large.

I bought these last year. I liked them so much I went back and bought 4 more pairs.

I have them for schooling and showing. I am a tough sell and don’t love ALL breeches, so when I like something I cling to it like grim death. I love the grey and the Navy colors. I own white and tan for my shows also. I would NEVER compete in an event in white unless I was at a VERY high level competition.


Only downside, you don’t have a phone pocket, but I don’t need it.


I have 2 pairs of Rompfs (seat = darker grey) and 1 Ovation (seat = navy) that are light enough for shows but I’m not seeing them on a google search so perhaps they don’t do those colors anymore?

I have a couple pairs of Kerrits that are more marginal in color (medium-ish). I just did a rainy unrec event in them, but not sure if they are “light” per USEA.

Agree tan is so much easier to find.

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I have had the FITS dove grey for years and love them. I use detergent but don’t put them in the drier and they’ve done great. I decided years ago–back when Karen O’Connor was rocking beige in the the dressage ring–that my butt never needed to be in white breeches again.


Just found these, KL Select Gabrielle in grey/navy https://www.equusnow.com/kl-select-gabrielle-full-seat-breech/?fbclid=IwAR0bajXDwjPO-Igga4SVtuOS2XpxUy1e7lfliSE2dgV9OJuJFZw_UQ9kh7g

I will probably wait for a sale to buy them because they are a little $$ at full price, but I have a friend that loves this brand and vouches for them! They may be a tad bit darker than desired but closest I’ve found to a dove grey, with silicone FS and enough details to make them cute without being too much.

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These look like they might be what you are looking for:

Ovation Ladies’ Elegance Sparkle Full Seat Breeches | Riding Warehouse


Thanks @NorCal, that is a great color!

Just FYI: I love Romfhs and found them in the gray and was SO excited. Unfortunately, when they arrived, the seat color is a bright blue. That is NOT what the picture showed. I kept them, but use them for schooling. Somehow, I just don’t want a bright blue butt! Just a cautionary tale.

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Whoa. Yeah, that is not really what you want in the dressage ring.

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These definitely aren’t dove grey, but they’re the best flipping breeches I’ve ever worn.
Maya Delorez Compression Breeches

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