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OK. every now and then while attempting to post a reply on a thread while typing a responce I get this popup

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While creating this thread I get the same popup

What is going on? It is fairly aggravating

I get this too. It’s very random. All I can do is save the incomplete post and then open it for editing to complete it. I don’t like posting half finished posts like that because it could confuse other readers.

No solutions just wanted to chime in that I’ve had this happen too and for no reason.

Same as Scribbler, it’s random, and usually comes in waves, like it will do that randomly for several days, but then not again for months. I just copy the text, exit coth entirely, come back and then it works.

I’m assuming that these instances do not actually correspond with times you all may have posts started in other windows or on other devices?

They do not. Just totally random.

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right, this is different from having started a reply in another thread or window, and for me, I only use COTH on my computer

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yes just totally random, at first I assumed I had inadvertently hit a key on my keyboard that tripped the occurrence so had been very careful.

Today while attempting to post on a thread the popup appeared, then again while I was posting the topic. Nothing else was open on my computer.