Dress boots in Hunter/Jumper

I always thought that dress boots were for dressage and field boots were for hunter/jumpers, until I dabbled in dressage and got a pair of actual dressage boots. I am now looking for a new pair of jumping boots, and I am wondering if I should look at field boots or dress boots? Are dress boots for hunter/jumpers? If both are equally acceptable, what is your preference and why?

Dress boots (not stiff dressage boots) are becoming much more common now that everything has zippers. Field boots let you have a more tapered ankle while still being able to get your foot into a non-zippered boot.

Now that you don’t need the laces to get your foot into your boot dress boots are a great option. Easier to clean, streamlined look… We always used to tuck our laces into our field boots anyway so it’s not that different.

I show in Volants, which don’t have laces, so I suppose you could call them dress boots. Dress boots are actually more appropriate in black, as well. Very technically, field boots should be brown.

Field are more common, but I own dress. IMO, now that everything is available in zip-back, trim ankle, second-skin, there’s very little difference between the two. It used to be that pull-on field boots were an easier play for someone with a high instep because of the extra room afforded by the laces, but in most cases (with zippers) this isn’t a consideration anymore.

When I bought new boots, I bought dress as I plan to hunt in them and dress is correct for formal season. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear them in the hunter or jumper ring, though. Perfectly correct, if not the most common choice there anymore. Be certain you’re not buying dressage boots, though. You may not want stiffeners in the back of your knee when you bring the stirrups up to jump.

Dress boots are completely acceptable. As others said; make sure you aren’t buying dressage boots that don’t have a tapered ankle and are more stove piped. When I am able to one day buy customs you bet I will buy dress boots that I can use in both rings.

Dress boots are technically correct formal attire for hunters.

However, dressage boots won’t be fun because of the stiffness factor.

AND dress boots are SO MUCH easier to clean and shine. That’s what won me over in the end even if they are a hair less flattering for GIANT feet like mine. :eek:

whatever you like. I like to look of field boots for me because I have a huge foot and skinny calves and need the laces to break up what would otherwise look like stringbeans on water skis. That being said a couple of girls in the barn have dress boots and they look totally sleek (and easier to clean).

I love the look of dress boots.

Team dress boot here. They are more formal and in my opinion look more put together. And definitely easier (for the shoe shiner at Nordstrom) to clean!

I think the bottom line is that it really, really doesn’t matter which you pick any longer.

I have both and show in both. I couldn’t tell you which of my boots are dress and which are field off hand because they all look the same to me now (not the boots, but the laces or lack thereof aren’t noticeable).

Dress boots used to be the always appropriate boot then field boots gained popularity. The only class where boots counts is in Ladies Side Saddle where attire is judged and guess what -dress boots are what is required.