Dressage arena

We just bought a farm in Ocala and we are building a dressage arena. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion about using a rock base vs a crusher run base. It was recommended to me to use a rock base for drainage but we will not be here during the rainiest times of the year. Looking for advice.

We still get rain here in the “dry season,” just not every day like the wet season. However, I will say that the once or twice a month it rains December-April, it POURS. So you’ll probably still want good drainage. But a lot of people here use clay as a base, which doesn’t drain at all, so with a non-draining base you’d want to make sure the ring has an appropriate slope for the water to drain off.

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Thankyou for your help

who is building your arena? My arena has problems below the base (Gumbo clay in the ground that gets soft from groundwater ) and I need ideas… and someone willing to be creative with solutions. thanks

Have you tried Longwood?

long story… pm’d you

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Sorry I just saw this. IDA development is doing our arena. They are out of Wellington.

thanks, I found a guy through the footings supplies (Fleet Footings out of Gainesville). Same footing as my trainer and others use inthis area. Arena is being worked on as I type!!! Hopefully he will have solved the gumbo clay issue…


Yay! Let me know how it turns out, and thanks for the name! Hoping to get an arena of my own in the next year or two