Dressage barn near Louisville

Well it looks like I will be moving to Louisville after the new year and would like to bring my beautiful dressage mare with me! But I would like to find a nice place to board her. I would like a full court and she needs to have a stall. I do show and would like a showing barn but am not apposed to smaller barns. Her happiness is my number one priority. I would like to have a great trainer that offers dressage but I do occasionally like to show jumpers or hunters so Both disciplines would be great!
I say that her happiness is my priority but my pocket book needs to like it too! If any one knows of a place that I can check out on one of my many visits up here I would love it! I am willing to travel up to 45 minutes for the right barn. I am looking at living around Bardstown RD. Thanks!:slight_smile:

I sent a friend a PM that rides Dressage in Louisville. Hopefully she can give you some suggestions.

My friend can’t remember her login info. She said to contact her trainer. http://www.battlecreekdressage.com/CONTACT.html

Good luck!

Erin Pullen has a barn up there and she is WONDERFUL! She events herself but has a dressage trainer come up and give lessons once a month if not more often and she is a great dressage trainer herself. I am not sure if her farm has a website but you can contact her via facebook. I HIGHLY recommend her. I wish I lived closer so I could keep my horse with her.

I live in Louisville and also ride dressage.
Quality dressage trainers are difficult to find, unfortunately.

I will PM you.